BitPanda Integrates QTUM and Celebrates With Giveaway

BitPanda, the online cryptocurrency exchange, will be giving away QTUM to their users as a celebration for integrating it into their exchange.

BitPanda, the popular cryptocurrency exchange, has recently announced a giveaway of QTUM to mark the integration of the cryptocurrency into their exchange platform. Now, all BitPanda users will be able to buy, sell, and trade QTUM on the BitPanda platform. QTUM is a cryptocurrency that aims on combining the usefulness and functionality of Ethereum’s smart contracts with the security of Bitcoin’s blockchain. QTUM is compatible with Bitcoin and also claims to offer higher security than Ethereum, it is a project that has the ability to attract many developers. Qtum’s native cryptocurrency, QTUM, pays the fees of those who manage the governance of the network. The users with the higher total amount of QTUM purchased will have the ability to win prizes.