Trezor Explain Why You Should Use Their New Buy Service

Trezor Explain Why You Should Use Their New Buy Service

Cryptocurrency wallet, Trezor have launched a new buy service on their platform and have detailed how it can benefit you.

The new service will simultaneously help traders whether they are looking to hodl, invest, build your portfolio, or send money abroad directly via the service. To make sure you know exactly why you should use their option as opposed to other options, in a new blog post they have elaborated on the specifics of the new system that is in place on the wallet.


The first element that the Buy service brags is extra security. As opposed to leaving in an exchange platform or exchange platform, which can be susceptible to hacks, the Buy feature will let you purchase crypto-assets and then store them directly on your Trezor hardware device.

With the Trezor telling using that if the device you are currently used is connected to the internet or a platform holds the private keys for you, then there is a heightened risk, with them stating that if it is “not your keys, not your coins.” The buy feature eliminates this potential risk.


Another perk is the convenience it offers traders, specifically that it allows you to combine “the incredibly secure environment of an offline hardware wallet with the convenient and straightforward interface of Trezor Wallet.” As well as having all the standardised features that help you better manage your crypto, you can use extra features too.

For example, the labelling feature can help you organise your portfolio and keep track of your crypto. While the in the transactions tab you can monitor your transaction history. The Buy feature also offers up to 10 different accounts that you can create for each cryptocurrency you own, all of which are protected its passphrase feature.


Many of the people involved in cryptocurrency investment are in the industry to ensure a more private way to handle their own personal finance. This is something that the Trezor Buy feature can assist traders with too. This is done via their partnership with Simplex.

The well-known fiat to crypto payment provider allows you to use your credit or debit card to buy crypto assets worldwide. The buy feature incorporates Simplex’s top of the line Know Your Customer (KYC) features with them externally handling all these elements of your account and so Trezor themselves do not collect any data about your identity.


Also, the Trezor Buy feature offers speed in the process, allowing you to
quickly complete transactions via the service all when using a credit or debit card. The KYC procedures will be completed quickly and efficiently, meaning you will have your purchase visible to you in your wallet in just a couple of minutes.

What else do you need to know

Alongside these benefits of using the Buy feature, Trezor has also outlined several other things you should know. These are as follows:

  • If you filling our payment detail on Simplex and for the window closes, you can simply go back to the Buy tab in the Trezor wallet and carry on with the transaction exactly as it was beforehand. Permitting that the offer is still valid.
  • The validity of offers will be shown to you via a small timer in the offers section for you to monitor how long you have.
  • Exchanges rate are subject to change, and so, be warned that the exact deal you will get will be reflective of these and so if you take a while to complete the change, the final result might be different.

If you are interested in getting a more in-depth look at the new Buy feature, Trezor has a video guide on their website which you should check for a full taste of the experience. This will give you a 2 minute step-by-step guide so you can get started.

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