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When online casinos first appeared, they were simply an online remake of the traditional brick and mortar casinos. Games would normally include video slots, Poker, and, in some cases, Roulette and Blackjack. Over time, new games were introduced, including Bingo and Keno, but generally, no casino would venture very far from this list. With the advent of Bitcoin casinos, a new genre of game has been put into the spotlight. Bitcoin dice games have become a popular option for those looking for simple gameplay, fast results, and instant payments.

Bitcoin Dice Games

What constitutes a Bitcoin Dice Game?

There are several different types and variations of Bitcoin dice games but in general, they each share the same two basic characteristics; you require cryptocurrency to play them, and the game involves some form of dice. In some cases, the game can be as simple as guessing the total value of a set of two standard six-sided dice. This makes playing Bitcoin dice games very easy, with rounds only lasting a few seconds.

A more advanced version of this genre might invite you to guess a random number between 1 and 100. In such a scenario, you would be able to set up a bet size, whilst also choosing the target number for the following round. This will determine the odds on each side of the bet. As always, the higher the risk, the higher the potential reward.

Bitcoin dice games normally come with significantly lower house odds than traditional casino games, such as video slots or card games. Games that come close to such low odds are video poker games, but then you must utilize skill and memory to win, something which you do not need to do when playing dice games.

The introduction of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology into online casino games has brought about several changes and improvements. Bitcoin dice games are an excellent example of these benefits, which combine the exciting opportunities of online games with the transparent gameplay of Blockchain smart contracts.

Which are the Best Bitcoin Dice Games?

Whilst there is an increasing number of Bitcoin dice games, a handful retain their position as being the most popular. Highest in this exclusive list is Craps, which is available across online Bitcoin casinos and can also be found at some land-based venues. Whilst this game may look complicated at first, at its most basic it is simply a variation of most dice games. At first, all you really need to know is the difference between the pass and other bets. 

Another popular Bitcoin dice game comes all the way from Asia and is known as Bitcoin Sic Bo. Once again, playing this dice game variation is pretty straightforward, and all you need to do is bet on the number combinations you think will result on the dice. In Bitcoin Sic Bo dice are shaken using a virtual shaker, or rather, a random number generator.

Equally popular is the simple Bitcoin dice game known as Hi/Lo. At its most basic, this game does not require a table, nor does it need a shaker. In this quick game, all you need to do is roll the dice, and if the sum of the two dice is eight or above, it’s considered to be a high result. Totals less than seven are considered to be low, whilst if the total is seven, the result is called a “seven”.

Whilst not as popular as the previous three Bitcoin dice games, Bitcoin Hazard maintains a strong following, centuries after the game was originally invented. The game begins with a player or dealer throwing a dice until a number total of between five and nine is landed. Once this is done, bets are placed on whether the next roll will throw in or throw out. This dice game has changed little since its creation in the 13th century, but it is now available to play using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Are Bitcoin Dice Games Fair?

A common question amongst casino players is whether the game they are playing is actually fair. For centuries, doubts have been cast on the genuine fairness of games, with dealers or Roulette wheels often found to be favouring the house. The introduction of online casinos helped to decrease the mistrust, particularly thanks to independent test labs which audit these games. However, some players continued to doubt the independence of these labs, so mistrust is often continued.

The introduction of Bitcoin games has finally put the issue of trust and fairness to rest. Bitcoin dice games are provably fair since they include the very algorithm which powers and controls their function. Publicly available to anyone, this algorithm can be checked and tested to ensure that results are truly random. This eliminates the need for independent test labs, whilst also confirming that no individual or entity can manipulate the ultimate results of the game.

Provenly fair is just one of several key benefits of cryptocurrency-based games. With this unique feature, casinos and players can interact in an environment based on trust and honesty, where the ultimate aim is to have fun by playing innovative and entertaining online games.

Are Bitcoin Dice Sites Safe?

There is a high number of Bitcoin dice sites to choose from, and you must be careful not to pick one which is unsafe. Whilst the cryptocurrency industry has seen a significant number of successful cyber-attacks, these have generally affected cryptocurrency exchanges, not Bitcoin casinos. In fact, cryptocurrency casinos are considered to be somewhat safer than traditional online casinos due to their cryptographic nature.

When you’re transferring funds using digital tokens the transaction is encrypted and is verified several times by miners. In addition, the private keys used to protect your cryptocurrency wallet are very long and extremely difficult to decode. For this and other reasons, using Bitcoin or Altcoins is considered to be much safer than a debit or credit card.

How do I Choose a Bitcoin Dice Site?

Since there are so many Bitcoin dice sites to choose from, the following guide will hopefully help you pick a reliable one over a possible fake or fraudulent one. Before signing up to a new Bitcoin casino, you should first check the following.

Licences & Partnerships

An operator’s licence is always beneficial to prove that a casino operator is complying with the rules and regulations of a particular jurisdiction. However, a lack of a licence is not necessarily the sign of a bad operator. By accepting cryptocurrencies, some online casinos have chosen to decrease costs and increase the number of supported countries.

In cases where an online Bitcoin casino does not have a licence, check out the strategic partnerships it has. These partners can be the ones providing the games, or the ones providing the payment methods. Generally, such partners would carry out due diligence on the operator before agreeing to provide their services, so the more partners an online casino has, the higher the likelihood that it is reputable and safe.

User Reviews

Today, the Internet is a great place to get reviews on just about anything, including Bitcoin casinos. Research the casino you are considering joining by looking up reviews and reports on the casino. Whilst no Bitcoin dice site is perfect, if you see discover a long trail of complaints and issues, it might be a good idea to veer away and choose a more reputable platform.

Provably Fair

Now that you know what the term provably fair means, be sure to check if the Bitcoin dice site you are thinking of joining actually features it. Sometimes, fake sites behave like the real deal but miss out on key details such as providing the game algorithms. If you have trouble finding this information, considering getting in touch with the site’s customer service team first.

Bonuses & Promotions

Cryptocurrency casinos have been known to offer superior welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions when compared to traditional alternatives. Since accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other digital currencies is much cheaper than accepting EUR, USD, and other fiat currencies, operators are able to offer better deals to attract new players. Oftentimes, fraudulent Bitcoin sites would offer extremely lucrative deals that are too good to be true. Whilst it is possible to get Bitcoin no deposit bonuses, and attractive match deposit bonuses, beware of sites which offer massive rewards for tiny deposits.

Most Popular Casinos to Play Bitcoin Dice Games

Researching the best Bitcoin dice game casinos can be a long process, and you probably prefer spending this time enjoying yourself with entertaining games. For this reason, we have scoured the Internet and found the top Bitcoin dice games which you can join today.

FortuneJack Casino

FortuneJack Casino is a cryptocurrency-based casino that gives players access to a wide variety of games, backed by some of the best software developers in the industry. Apart from traditional genres, the casino offers live casino games, as well as a sportsbook featuring a vast selection of disciplines and tournaments. The Curaçao-based platform boasts over 3,300 BTC worth of jackpot prizes won by players since its inception.

FortuneJack Review - Categories

FortuneJack Casino features a section entirely dedicated to provably fair games. Within this section, you will be able to find the casino’s own Bitcoin dice game. Choose between Roll and Auto Roll, whilst also determining the size of your bets and the multiplier value. Results and payouts are provided instantly. In between rounds, you can use a live chat option that lets you communicate with other players, adding a social dynamic to the cryptocurrency game.

Apart from playing Bitcoin dice on FortuneJack Casino, the platform gives you the opportunity to enjoy some of the best casino games in the industry. With partnerships which include NetEnt, Microgaming, and Evolution Gaming, you will be able to experience a fantastic selection of games, themes, gameplays and prizes. From Bitcoin slots to live Bitcoin Blackjack, you can find it all FortuneJack Casino.

The operator offers a variety of welcome and ongoing promotions to attract new players and keep them playing. Whilst these offers change over time, they generally include a generous match deposit bonus combined with a number of free spins. You should also be able to find promotions that are specially designed for sportsbook bets or live casino games. FortuneJack Casino is also one of the few Bitcoin casinos to offer a Bitcoin no deposit bonus, just for registering a new account. 

bitStarz Casino

bitStarz Casino is a hybrid platform that accepts both cryptocurrencies and traditional, fiat currencies. Based in Curacao, the casino features a variety of popular casino games, supported by top software talent from across the gaming industry. The award-winning casino supports five cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

BitStarz Review - Table Wars with Dice

bitStarz Casino dedicates an entire section of its casino to Bitcoin games that are provably fair. Amongst the impressive list of games, you will find Rocket Dice, a stunning 3D animated Bitcoin dice game that is very easy and fun to play. Available to try for free or to enjoy with real money, Rocket Dice includes a help section which teaches you how to play the game. With every win, you get the opportunity to double your prize through a gamble feature.

Apart from the selection of provably fair games, bitStarz Casino offers hundreds of different Bitcoin slots, Bitcoin Poker, and Bitcoin Roulette games to choose from. Just like Rocket Dice, the majority of these games are available to try for free, with the exception of live casino games.

bitStarz - Game Sign Up Screen

As a new player, bitStarz Casino welcomes you with a Bitcoin no deposit bonus consisting of a number of free spins. With your first deposit, the casino will reward you once more, this time multi-stage match deposit bonus and further free spins. Beyond the welcome bonus, bitStarz Casino features a variety of short-term promotions, tournaments, and cashback opportunities. As a registered player, you will be able to access all of these exciting features at any time.


7BitCasino is yet another hybrid casino thataccepts both traditional fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. Amongst the digital currencies supported by this Curaçao-based casino you will find Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. Using cryptocurrencies at this casino provides you with several perks, including free and instant deposits and withdrawals, as well as no maximum limits.

7bitCasino - Bonus with Dice

Backed by some of the best game developers in the industry, which include Microgaming, Push Gaming, and BetSoft, 7BitCasino offers an extensive selection of exciting games. Amongst these games, you will find a selection of Bitcoin dice games, which are available to try for free or with real money. The casino also features a variety of Bitcoin slots, jackpot games, and Bitcoin table games.

Whilst the casino’s offers and promotions vary over time, staying fresh and up to date with the latest trends, you can always expect to find a multi-stage welcome offer upon registration. This is normally made up of a combination of match deposit bonus and free spins. Once you have exhausted this bonus you can look forward to participating in 7BitCasino’s races, cashback offers, and other ongoing promotions.

7bitcasino - Dice Game

Every time you play Bitcoin dice games or any other supported game at 7BitCasino you earn points. The more points you accumulate, the higher you rank in the casino’s VIP club. By being a member of this exclusive club you get the opportunity to access special rewards, which start off with free spins but transform into substantial cashback for higher club levels.

What is the Best Bitcoin Dice Strategy?

Even though Bitcoin dice games tend to have fairly small house edges, players are always looking for ways to better their chances. The following strategies could help move the scales closer to your side.

The Martingale Strategy

The Martingale Strategy was developed in the 18th century and remains a popular way of dealing with losing streaks. With this strategy, it is recommended that you increase the amount you wager every time you lose a bet. Once you do register a win, this win should cover your previous losses. For example, when playing a Bitcoin dice game, you would start by wagering 10mBTC to roll under 50, followed by wagering 20mBTC. If you lose both bets, you would go on to bet 40mBTC, once again, to roll under 50.

The Break-Even Martingale Strategy

This variant to the traditional Martingale Strategy works in a similar fashion, with the exception that bet values are increased at a much slower pace. Using the previous example, but this time using the Break-Even Strategy, you would start by betting 10mBTC to roll under 50, followed by yet another 10mBTC bet if the first one loses. On the third and fourth attempts, the bet is increased to 20mBTC.

The Inverse Martingale Strategy

The Inverse Martingale Strategy is used when you are undergoing a winning streak and works very similarly to the Martingale Strategy. It involves wagering 50% of your previous winnings on the next stake. Should you lose the wager, you would still be left with the remaining winnings.

The Paroli Strategy

Another strategy designed to help you during winning streaks, the Paroli Strategy begins with you deciding a base stake. After each win, you should double your stake, until you reach three consecutive wins. Following the loss of a bet, you should return to your base stake, seeing whether you are about to embark on yet another winning streak or on a losing one.

What is the ‘house edge’ of Bitcoin Dice Games?

The House Edge is essentially the advantage which the casino has over its players. This value, normally measured as a percentage, is common across casino games, and Bitcoin dice games are no exception. The smaller the edge is, the more equal the odds of the player and the casino are. Very often, Bitcoin dice games have a House Edge of between 1% and 2%.

Although certain games have a fixed House Edge, others have a variable system which can decrease the advantage even further. Variable edges go as low as 0.5% and even 0.25% in certain cases, with the determining factor being the value of the wager. Oftentimes, the lower the edge the lower the maximum win limit, however, so if you want to win big on Bitcoin dice game you will need to accept a higher House Edge.

Are there Dice Games with a Bitcoin Faucet?

Bitcoin faucets are an innovative way in which individuals are rewarded for fulfilling certain tasks. Rewards, normally consisting of a very small number of digital tokens, are given to you after you’ve watched a promotional video, answered a questionnaire, or, in some cases, play a Bitcoin dice game.

There are several Bitcoin dice games that you can play through a faucet. Primedice, for example, provides you with around 0.000001 BTC, whereas DuckDice gives you 0.0000025 BTC. These are obviously very low amounts, but with them, you enter into the chance to win, without ever risking your own funds.

Generally, you won’t be able to receive further Bitcoin from the faucet for a set period of time. With PocketDice, this time is limited to just 10 minutes, whereas 999Dice gives you an opportunity to get free Bitcoin every 2.5 minutes.

Why Play with Bitcoin Faucets?

Using Bitcoin faucets to fund your Bitcoin dice experience is a great way to start playing without putting any of your funds on the line. However small the amount you may receive from the faucet is, you will have the opportunity to increase it, depending on whether you get a winning or a losing streak. Whilst it is almost impossible for you to get a sizeable win out of a Bitcoin faucet game, you will certainly enjoy yourself and stay entertained whilst experiencing an innovative or creative game.

How do Bitcoin Dice Bonuses Work?

When signing up to a new Bitcoin dice site you will probably be offered a welcome bonus, followed by one or more ongoing bonuses designed for existing players. These Bitcoin bonuses are a great way for casinos to attract new players, by offering lucrative rewards to eager players. Before you sign up for a specific offer, it is a good idea to consider the following:

  • Wagering Requirements – Commonly found in most bonuses, the wagering requirement is the number of times a bonus must be bet before it can be withdrawn. Very often, wagering requirements vary depending on the game you choose to wager on.
  • Country Restrictions – Certain offers or promotions are only available to players based in certain countries, so it is important that you check whether your country of residence is included in the bonus.
  • Maximum Cash-outs – Some Bitcoin dice sites might limit the winnings which you are able to cash-out in a single transaction or on a single day.
  • VIP Membership – Some promotions may be exclusively available to VIP Club members, whilst others may reward members differently from non-members.
  • Supported Games – Depending on the bonus, there may be a restriction on the games which are supported. In fact, oftentimes only one or a handful of games would be available for a particular Bitcoin dice bonus.

Before you activate any bonus it is important that you read and understand the terms and conditions. These are normally listed just below the Bitcoin dice bonus offer. Alternatively, a link may be placed somewhere on the promotion itself. When in doubt you should always contact a member of the casino’s customer service team, as this can avoid disappointment and frustration.

How long will it take me to sign up to a Bitcoin dice casino?

A mere matter of minutes.

What is the minimum deposit for a Bitcoin dice site?

Different Bitcoin dice sites have different minimum deposits, and there are also different minimums for different payment methods. However, the minimum deposits are generally very low.

Can I withdraw for free?

Yes, of course!

How do I find the best Bitcoin dice games?

By looking through Cryptimi, of course!

Are Bitcoin faucet dice games better?

Faucet dice games give you a small amount of free Bitcoin whenever you play, and also give you a chance to win an even bigger amount. How can it get better than that?

Concluding Thoughts

Bitcoin dice games have, together with other cryptocurrency-based casino games, begun to change the online gaming environment for the better. Bitcoin games are run using Blockchain technology, very often through self-executing Smart Contracts. This means that no human being is involved in the decision process of whether you should be paid winnings or not. All is determined by an algorithm that is public and transparent, for anyone to test.

Using cryptocurrency in casino games also improves the way that players are paid. With minimal due diligence required, withdrawals are normally processed much faster and are available at the recipient’s wallet in a matter of minutes, not days. Furthermore, since wallet operators do not care where funds originate from, players don’t run the risk of having their accounts frozen, as sometimes happens with traditional banks which get uneasy when there are payments from online casinos.

Playing Bitcoin dice games is a great way to have fun without involving skill or effort. Since the entire game can be over in seconds, players do not need to invest any substantial time. This makes playing Bitcoin dice games on the go very attractive, and fortunately, the casinos listed above are all mobile-friendly. In addition, bets and odds can be modified to fit into the player’s own bankroll, meaning that high rollers can enjoy Bitcoin dice games just as much as more conservative players.

The future of casino games is certainly moving towards cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin dice games are a great way for you to experience the future of gaming, today.