Our Mission: To bridge the gap between users and crypto industry operators through trustworthy and educational content.

Our Vision

Cryptimi has its headquarters in Malta, the blockchain island and was established at the beginning of 2018 by avid crypto adopters. It has quickly become one of the world’s leading information sources for anyone interested in investing in crypto, particularly those who look for reliable and high-quality content. As technophiles, our team believes in crypto and blockchain technology, and it is this very passion which is the driving force to provide you with an original and unbiased reference.

Indubitably, the world of cryptocurrency is a vast and complex one, and it is this very vastness and complexity that ignites our enthusiasm to discover more and, in the process, share this knowledge with you, our readers. This ever evolving and cutting-edge industry requires a team of experts who make sure to keep themselves up to date with everything going on within the industry.

Dedicated to Social Impact

Our mission is to offer an indispensable library to help build a more socially and economically just world. We acknowledge the fact that technological excellence goes beyond writing great code, creating aesthetically pleasing designs and compiling fresh and unique content. It means deeply embodying the values of privacy, equity and inclusion. Cryptimi incessantly strives to aid in mass adoption. We recognise the reality that one of the main hurdle cryptocurrency faces is scepticism.

Our onus is to ensure readers can make informed decisions. Our content is structured in such a way that we provide answers to popular questions, by covering a smorgasbord of topics. To learn more about our commitment to social justice and how it’s embedded in our culture, the work we do and the changes we are advocating, we encourage you to read through our website which is updated on a daily basis.

Our core areas


Cryptocurrency exchange platforms are an essential part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem allowing individuals to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies.



Cryptocurrency wallets offer a safe place to store Bitcoins, Ethereum, Ripple or any other altcoin or tokens investors opt to invest in.



Recreation has always been a crucial part of people’s lives. Cryptocurrency casinos offer several entreating ways in which players can spend their BTC.



A collection of articles about cryptocurrency, investment strategies and blockchain technology, aimed towards amateurs, novice and seasoned investors.



Keeping up to date with the latest cryptocurrency and blockchain news ensures traders and investors are always kept in the loop of the latest goings-on.


Meet the team

Photo team David Leader & Industry Expert Show Bio

As the team lead, David makes sure to establish the best contacts within the sector. However, signing up top clients is only part of his job. He also oversees the team’s tasks, giving them guidance if and where necessary.

Photo team Michaela Content Manager Show Bio

As the age-old adage goes, it’s not about the quantity but the quality. And this is what Michaela’s job revolves around; guaranteeing whatever kind of content published on our website is nothing short of excellent.

Photo team Giuseppe Marketing Expert Show Bio

Giuseppe is his name and being a marketing guru is his game! It’s all well and good to have great content but having great content that’s google-worthy is a whole other kettle of fish. And Giuseppe’s job is to confirm that everything on our site is optimized.

Photo team Josh Security Lead Developer Show Bio

Having a top-notch product requires someone like Josh to safeguard not only quality, but also security. As our lead developer, he’s the one in charge of synchronizing devs, safeguarding Cryptimi’s smooth-running functionality and brilliant features.

Photo team Clint UX Professional Show Bio

Clint understands the ins and outs of what makes a user enjoy their experience when visiting sites. By collaborating with other designers, he makes sure to create pages which are not only easy to navigate but also easy on the eyes.

Photo team Contributors Traders & Writers Show Bio

Whether it’s chasing the latest scoop, getting in touch with CEOs of operators or testing out new exchanges or wallets, our contributors are constantly on the go and serve a crucial purpose in our product.

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