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  • Hardware Wallet, Mobile Wallet
  • Supported Cryptocurrencies
    Number of Currencies
  • 1150 (Show More)
  • Recovery Option
  • Yes (Show More)
  • Private Key Access
  • No
  • Storage Type
  • Cold Storage
  • Security Level
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  • Price
  • €119 / $119 + Free Shipping Worldwide

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Ledger Nano X Wallet Review

Ledger Nano X is the latest hardware wallet offered by Ledger which is designed to become the most secure and mobile-friendly hardware wallet in the crypto world. Through the use of Bluetooth technology, it will help users to manage their crypto assets on the go. The product was recently announced at the world’s biggest technology event CES (Consumer Electronic Show) held in Las Vegas this year 2019. Even though the product is scheduled to go live later in 2019, it has already captured the attention of the entire crypto world by acquiring the CES Innovation Honoree Award during its launch.

Update. The Ledger Nano X is now available! This year’s top-rated cryptocurrency wallet is available and ready for shipping. Order yours today!

The-New-Ledger-Nano-XSimilarly to the Ledger Nano S, the Ledger Nano X has a screen which is used to display all the information regarding your transactions. It also has 2 buttons which are used to control the entire operation of the hardware wallet. As it uses a highly secure chip built using the latest technology, it is almost impossible for hackers to steal coins from this hardware wallet. Ledger Nano X will seamlessly work with both mobile and PC versions of the Ledger Live companion app.

The Ledger Nano X hardware wallet is priced at €119 (incl. VAT). Even though shipping was planned to start in March, shipping was delayed by a month, and potentially even more, after an unexpected production issue. Users may pre-order the wallet from the Ledger official website. For those who ordered their Nano X before the 21th of March 2019, they’ll also receive a Nano S as a compensation for the unexpected shipping delay.

Ledger Nano X: What’s new?

The visual appearance and features of Nano X look pretty much the same as those of the Nano S. Of course, the most striking feature of Nano X is its Bluetooth connectivity which makes the wallet more user-friendly and accessible. Once you pair the Ledger Nano X using Bluetooth with your iPhone or Android, you will be able to check your balance, send & receive assets, install apps and add accounts, just with a few taps on your smartphone.  To do so, you have to download and install the Ledger Live mobile app (not yet released). Like the other Ledger wallets, the final authentication for your transaction must come from your Nano X. (For those users who don’t trust Bluetooth, Ledger has provided an option to disable it from the Control Center. Then, they can connect the device to the computer via USB)

Since the Nano X comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, it will be very convenient for users to use this device on a daily basis because there is no need to carry the USB cable anymore. Ledger Nano X owners don’t even need a Wi-Fi connection as they can make use of the mobile internet to make secure transactions on the go.

Nano X is designed to store up to 100 applications simultaneously thanks to its increased storage size. This feature will be very handy for users who would like to store hundreds of assets on a single device and be able to access them all at the same time.

Ledger Nano X Open Screen Mode On

Is Ledger Nano X an alternative for the Nano S?

No. Ledger has clearly stated that it will continue support for Ledger Nano S as both models have their own separate features. Nano X can be used to manage your crypto assets on the go while the Nano S can be used as a backup which can be kept in your home in a safe vault or storage. Due to its competitive price, the Nano S will be the popular choice for novice traders whereas the Nano X is ideal for professional or serious traders who want to manage their digital assets anytime & anywhere. Hence, the Nano X can be called as “A Bluetooth enabled Nano S on the go”

The good news for those who already own the Nano S is that they can easily transfer their assets to the Ledger Nano X using the Ledger Live companion app.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Ledger Nano X wallet supports more than 1100+ digital assets, with new assets added every month. The list of top coins and tokens includes:

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), XRP (XRP), Zcash (ZEC), Dash (DASH), Stellar (XLM), Qtum (QTUM), Bitcoin Private (BTCP), Tron (TRX), Waves (WAVES), EOS (EOS), IOTA (IOTA), Stratis (STRAT), Komodo (KMD), Ubiq (UBQ), Viacoin (VIA), Ark (ARK), Expanse (EXP), Neo (NEO), Stealth (XST), Digibyte (DGB), Horizen (ZEN).

To know the full list of digital assets supported by Ledger Nano X wallet, visit here. All the coins supported on the Ledger Nano S are supported on the Nano X


Ledger Nano X has two types of connectivity: USB and Bluetooth. The wallet can be connected to any 64-bit desktop or laptop computer (via USB) running Windows(8+), Linux(10.8) or MacOS. Additionally, users can connect the device to an Android phone (supports Android 5 Lollipop or later) or iPhone (iOS 9 or later) using Bluetooth. The mobile version of the Ledger Live app is live. It was released on Monday 28th January 2019.

Setup & Configuration

When you receive the package from the manufacturer, make sure the box contains the following:

Ledger Nano X Box Content & Guide

  • Ledger Nano X
  • USB Cable
  • Getting started leaflet
  • Recovery Sheets (3 Nos)
  • Keychain strap

Initial Configuration

Before starting to use the Ledger Nano X, users must do two important things:

  • Setting up a PIN
  • Taking note of the recovery seed on the recovery sheet. This is a crucial step as the recovery sheet will be the only way to recover the funds should you lose the device.
  • Setting up a Ledger Live app password

Ledger Nano X Set Up Step 2

Once you set up and confirm your 24 word seed, all that is left is to keep your device connected, head over to Ledger Live app and download the apps such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash etc.

Ledger Nano X Recovery Seed Step 3

Once you’ve downloaded the desired apps to your Ledger X, you can start sending and withdrawing funds to and from your new and secure device.

Installing Ledger Live

In order to send & receive crypto assets using Ledger Nano X, you need to install the Ledger Live software on your computer or smartphone. Ledger Live can be downloaded from https://www.ledger.com/pages/ledger-live.

Ledger Live mobile can be downloaded from Google Play Store (Android) and iTunes for iOS.

Downloading The Apps

To send or receive crypto assets, users must download the relevant cryptocurrency app using the Ledger Live. Follow the procedure below to download the Bitcoin (BTC) app to send/receive BTC. Similarly, this procedure can be used to download apps the send/receive other cryptocurrencies.

  1. Launch Ledger Live app on your smartphone. Tap Manager.
  2. Connect Ledger Nano X via Bluetooth and unlock the same, by following the on-screen instructions.
  3. Search and Select the app to install (eg. BTC)  in the App Catalog.
  4. Tap Install.

The app has been installed successfully. Likewise, follow the above procedure to install apps for different crypto assets.

Adding An Account

It is assumed that the user had already installed the Ledger Live mobile app and the crypto asset apps. Now, it’s time to add a new or existing account before starting to send/receive digital assets.

  1. Navigate to Accounts tab on the Ledger Live app.
  2. Tap + icon located on the top right and tap Add accounts.
  3. Select the crypto asset of the account to add. (eg. BTC)
  4. Connect Nano X, unlock it and open the crypto asset app.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to add a new account or import an existing one.

Tap Continue to add an account on to your portfolio.

Sending Digital Assets

Follow the below steps to send a crypto asset from Ledger Nano X. It is assumed that the user already has some digital assets stored on the Nano X.

  1. On Ledger Live mobile app, tap Transact located at the bottom.
  2. Tap Send.
  3. Select the account from which the cryptos needs to be sent.
  4. Enter the recipient address manually or by scanning the QR code.
  5. Enter the amount and tap Continue.
  6. Double check the transaction details to ensure everything is correct. (For faster processing, tap Edit to set a high network fee)
  7. Now, make sure that Nano X wallet is turned ON and unlocked. Open the correct crypto asset app and verify the transaction details on the device.
  8. If everything is correct, press both the buttons on Nano X to validate the transaction.

Congratulations! You have successfully sent digital currency using Ledger Nano X.

Receiving Digital Assets

Follow the below steps to receive cryptos on Ledger Nano X.

  1. On Ledger Live mobile app, tap Transact located at the bottom.
  2. Tap Receive.
  3. Select the account on which the cryptos needs to be received.
  4. Next, switch ON Ledger Nano X and unlock the same. Then, open the relevant crypto asset app.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions and tap Verify to display the receiving address on Nano X.
  6. Make sure that the address shown on Ledger Live app matches with the one displayed on the device.
  7. If both the addresses are same, then press the right button on the device to select Approve. Then, press both buttons to confirm the address.
  8. Finally, tap Copy or Share on Ledger Live app to share the address with the sender.

Once the sender completes the transaction, coins will be received on your wallet.


Ledger has stated that the Bluetooth technology will not cause any kind of security threat to the crypto assets, as the Bluetooth connection is protected with end-to-end encryption. Additionally, the user’s private keys are more secure on the Nano X hardware wallet, as it uses the same security element (CC EAL5+ certification) which is widely used in secure applications, like credit cards, to protect the user’s data and privacy. Even if your smartphone is compromised, it is assured that your private keys will never leave your device.

For those users who would like to stick with the USB connectivity, Ledger has provided an option to disable Bluetooth from the Control Center.

Users who own the latest iPhone models like iPhone X, may further protect their assets by enabling Touch ID or Face ID to open the Ledger Live app. Those who own Android smartphones should be able to lock the Ledger Live app with Touch ID provided their phone has a fingerprint sensor.

Ledger Nano X Cryptographic Support

Recovery Options

Ledger Nano X allows the users to recover their wallet using the recovery phrase in case they forget the PIN or if the device is stolen or broken. Without the recovery phrase, it is not possible to restore your wallet. You may also use this procedure in case you would like to transfer your assets from Ledger Nano S to Ledger Nano X.

Nano X Device Closed

  1. To switch on your Ledger Nano X, press and hold the button next to the USB port for 3 seconds.
  2. Next, press both buttons to select the option Restore from Recovery Phrase.
  3. Then, you have to set a strong PIN to protect your assets. Even though the length of the PIN can vary from 4 to 8 digits, it is highly recommended to set an 8-digit PIN for better security. To select the digits, use the left or right buttons and press both buttons to confirm or validate the digit.
  4. Next, enter the PIN code again for confirming the same.
  5. Then, you have to select the length of your recovery phrase (12, 18 or 24 words). Press both buttons to confirm your selection.
  6. Next, all the words of your recovery phrase have to be entered correctly using the left and right buttons. Once you have finished typing in the word (or by using the auto-suggestions), every word has to be confirmed by pressing both the buttons simultaneously. Only then you can move on to the next word. Repeat this process to enter all the words of your recovery phrase.

Congratulations! You have successfully recovered your wallet on Ledger Nano X.

Ledger Nano X vs Ledger Nano S

A direct comparison of the Nano X vs Nano S:


  • Storage: The storage space in Ledger Nano X is ten times more than that of the Ledger Nano S. Hence, users can store up to 100 applications at the same time. A true haven for altcoin traders.
  • Performance: Since the security chip (ST33J2M0) used inside Ledger Nano X is more powerful than the one used in Nano S, the Nano X is expected to be faster and more responsive than its predecessor.
  • Battery: Since Nano X has a rechargeable 100 mAh battery, the hardware wallet can be used for hours on a full charge. If the device is kept idle, then the battery will last for at least a couple of months. The battery can be easily recharged by connecting the device to the computer using the USB-C cable. (Unfortunately the battery on this wallet can’t be replaced). The Nano S doesn’t have a battery, users have to derive power from the USB port of the computer to power it.
  • Security: Both wallets provide unbreakable protection for the customer’s funds. Nano X is built using a highly secure element which is predominantly used on grid-based credit cards.
  • Connectivity: Nano X has two modes of connectivity (USD, Bluetooth) whereas Nano S supports only USB-based connection.
  • Size: Even though there is not much difference between the sizes of these wallets, the Nano X is slightly heavier at 34g compared to the Nano S 16.2g. Probably it’s due to the battery.
  • Apps: All the apps supported by the Ledger Nano S will also run on the Ledger Nano X.
  • Display: Nano X will provide better readability for the users as it has a larger display (128×64) when compared with Nano S (128×32).
  • Cost: Due to the Bluetooth technology and mobile compatibility, the Nano X is priced at €119, almost twice the price of the Nano S at €59.
  • Ledger Live: Nano X can be used with both the mobile and desktop versions of the companion app. Nano S can be connected to the mobile version of Ledger Live (Android) using the OTG cable kit. iPhone users aren’t so lucky so they must use the Nano X to manage their cryptos on the go.
  • Cryptocurrency Support: Both devices support the same cryptocurrencies.
  • Device Colour: The Nano X is only available in black for now while the Nano S comes in 6 different colours. However, if you preordered the Nano X you will receive a limited edition Genesis Block Nano X.

Update. The Genises Block Nano X is no longer available, however, you may now buy the official Nano X and benefit from Free Shipping worldwide!

Which one you should buy? Nano X or Nano S?

Since the core functionality of both the wallets remains the same, the choice depends primarily on your expected device usage. For serious investors who will be trading frequently, the Ledger Nano X will be the best buy. Why? Because it allows you to manage your digital assets anywhere, anytime, without a computer and without a USB cable.

For hodlers, the Ledger Nano S will do just fine to protect your coins and tokens. It is priced at almost half the value of Nano X so it will also save you some money.

If you’re buying your first hard wallet, we recommend you to go with the Nano X. Its technology is faster, it allows you to store more coins and it will remain compatible for a longer period of time.



Portability – 4.8

Security – 4.6

Ease of use – 4.0

Cryptocurrency Support – 5.0

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