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Roulette is a wheel game with a long and glamorous history dating back to the 18th century. Its simple gameplay and overall thrilling atmosphere made it a hit amongst punters around the world. Like with many games of its time, as Roulette spread, it morphed into many variants and a result, there are numerous Roulette games available to play.

In the last 20 years, the game went through one of its most significant transformations. With the introduction of online casinos, Roulette was reborn into a digital and 3D animated spectacle, enjoyed by millions across the globe. This was followed by yet another development; the introduction of Bitcoin Roulette.

What is Bitcoin Roulette

Bitcoin Roulette represents the latest combination of technology and tradition. The main games and their numerous variants are available to play exclusively online, both on desktop and mobile devices. Playing Bitcoin Roulette presents players with numerous advantages, but none is probably greater than the ability to ensure that the game is truly random and fair.

Since the very first Roulette wheel was introduced to the world centuries ago, players suspected, sometimes correctly, that the wheel had a mechanical bias. Small, oftentimes involuntary imperfections in the manufacture of the wheel meant that one or number slots were unfairly advantaged or disadvantaged. As land-based casinos grew and became better regulated, the likelihood of this bias decreased, yet some doubt lived on.

Online casinos featuring Roulette were generally able to guarantee truly perfect randomness, but they were only able to do this through audits carried out by independent test labs. This, unfortunately, was not enough to quash the suspicion altogether.

Using Blockchain technology, Bitcoin Roulette can guarantee complete fairness by revealing the algorithms which are used in the game. Publicly available, these algorithms can be checked and tested by anyone who has the technical knowledge, ensuring that no more doubts can arise out of the wheel’s impartiality.

Most Popular Bitcoin Roulette Games

Across different online casinos, you will be able to play a variety of Bitcoin Roulette games. It is always a good idea to start playing the original version first, in order to get used to the general rules and gameplay. Once you’ve mastered the basics, playing different variants will introduce new challenges and excitement.

Although the wheel game is generally thought to be a luck-only game, numerous professionals and online players believe that taking certain betting strategies can give you an extra edge, marginally increasing your odds.

Depending on who you ask, the main version of Roulette is either the European or American variation. Both share many rules features, with the key difference being the number of slots on the wheel. Whilst the European version has 37, including the green zero slot, the American features 38, since there is a double zero slot. As a result, player odds on the American version are slightly lower than those of the European kind.

Another popular Bitcoin Roulette version is French Roulette. Available in most online casinos, this version is based on the European game with an addition of two extra rules. These rules, called ‘la partage’ and ‘en prison’, provide players with a unique opportunity for wagers.

With the advent of online casinos and eventually Bitcoin Roulette, game developers have been able to create an increasingly varied and surprising array of wheel-based games. Not limited by physical and mechanical equipment, this wave of creativity has resulted in some very popular variants for you to try.

Depending on which cryptocurrency casino you play at, you will have the opportunity to try out Bitcoin Mini Roulette, Bitcoin Multi-Wheel Roulette, Bitcoin Progressive Roulette, and Bitcoin Double Ball Roulette. Each variant comes with its own rules and gameplay, which are normally included in the gaming options. Additionally, you should be able to try most Bitcoin Roulette games for free first, before playing with real money.

Top Casinos to Play Bitcoin Roulette

The following Bitcoin casinos offer you the opportunity to try out Bitcoin Roulette games and are a great way to start playing using cryptocurrencies.


Casinoin is a Bitcoin casino offering a variety of games to choose from. Registered and regulated in Curacao, the online platform welcomes both crypto and traditional fiat currencies. The operator has partnerships in place with leading payment providers, including Visa, and Ecopayz. What’s more, you can also deposit and withdraw funds using seven different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Monero, and Dogecoin.

The online casino’s lobby and user interface have been kept intentionally simple, yet it has an attractive modern style which works well across digital devices. Within a matter of seconds, you can find a game and start playing, after having signed in. Unfortunately, Casinoin does not allow players who have not registered to try out its games.

Casinoin Roulette Lobby

Currently, the casino features a total of 18 Bitcoin Roulette games to choose from. Apart from enjoying the classics, such as Bitcoin American Roulette and Bitcoin European Roulette, Casinoin offers several exciting alternatives. Depending on your wagering intentions and gameplay preferences, you might enjoy the casino’s Bitcoin Triple Jackpot Roulette or Bitcoin European Roulette VIP.

If you are looking for an even more immersive and realistic Roulette experience, you can head over to the live casino section. Featuring an extensive selection of games by Evolution Gaming and other providers, you will have an opportunity to experience tens of different wheel and table games. Popular titles available at Casinoin include Evolution Roulette, Immersive Roulette, and Double Ball Roulette.

Apart from Bitcoin Roulette games, Casinoin features over 1,000 different slots, card, and other games. Provided by some of the leading game developers in the industry, you can be sure to find a variety of options which suit your gaming and wager preferences.

Your Casinoin experience begins with an exciting welcome bonus which can reward you with up to 1 BTC. The casino will match your first deposit and gift you 15 free spins on Geisha slot for four consecutive weeks.

Melbet Casino

As one of the larger Bitcoin Roulette casinos out there, Melbet offers an extensive list of games and services. Registered in Cyprus and regulated in Curacao, the casino offers you a great combination of casino, live casino and a sportsbook. The platform welcomes players from around the world and supports a wide variety of payment methods.

Through extensive partnerships with numerous software developers, Melbet Casino gives you access to hundreds upon hundreds of Bitcoin slots, Bitcoin table games, and Bitcoin Bingo. Naturally, you can play the more common Roulette games, but if you are looking for something truly special, Melbet Casino has got you covered. For example, you could try out Bitcoin Frenzy Discs: Twin Numbers and Bitcoin Wheel of Africa.

By depositing funds using cryptocurrencies, Melbet Casino gives you the opportunity to bet on a variety of sport events and major leagues. Updating results as they happen and providing access to some of the best odds in the industry, the online sportsbook is a punter’s dream come true.

MelBet Casino Roulette Games

If you’re looking for a break from Bitcoin Roulette, Melbet Casino has plenty more to offer. Apart from the well-stocked range of live casino games, players can enjoy eSports and a selection of Fast Games. These games include some truly unique options, including Russian Roulette, Apple of Fortune, and Wild West Gold.

Although there is a lot going on in the casino lobby, it won’t take you long to navigate your way to the great selection of Bitcoin Roulette and hundreds of other games. Available also on mobile, Melbet Casino allows you to customise your lobby preferences, including selecting between light and dark backgrounds.

Upon joining Melbet Casino you will be able to take advantage of one of several welcome bonuses. Bitcoin Roulette players should select the Melbet Rocket Launch offer, which includes a match deposit bonus of up to €1,750 and 290 wager-free bonus spins.

CryptoReels Casino

Describing itself as a premium Bitcoin casino, CryptoReels Casino is an excellent example of the benefits of using cryptocurrencies when gambling online. For starters, users who opt to use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies only need to register using an email address. In addition, payments to the account are faster than with traditional payment methods.

The benefits of using cryptocurrencies continue with the welcome bonus offered by CryptoReels Casino. All new registrants, irrespective of currency, can benefit from a welcome package where depositing a maximum of $1,000 can reward them with a maximum of $4,500 in bonus cash. However, players who deposit using Bitcoin will also receive an additional $75 worth of chips, simply as a reward for using digital currencies.

CryptoReels Casino offers over 200 different games, ranging from slots to table games, and a recently introduced live casino lobby. Currently, the selection of Bitcoin Roulette games is fairly limited, with only four options available. Nevertheless, players looking to enjoy Bitcoin French Roulette, Bitcoin American Roulette or Bitcoin European Roulette will be happy to know that their favourite games are available. Apart from live casino games, all other games on the platform are available to play for free.

The Bitcoin-friendly platform is registered in Cyprus and regulated in Curacao. It offers 24/7 live chat support and detailed information on the benefits of Bitcoin and how to get hold of it. Apart from playing online or on your mobile, the online casino can be installed on your desktop, allowing you to stay logged in to start playing with minimal interruptions or delays.

Whilst certainly not the largest online casino, CryptoReels Casino is a notable example of an online platform ideal for players hailing from the cryptocurrency community. Apart from supporting the world’s largest cryptocurrency, the platform allows players to remian anonymous.

MonteCryptos Casino

If you’re an avid reader or movie-goer you most probably heard of the Count of Montecristo. What you might not know is that the Count has a cousin who was amongst the Bitcoin early adopters and today runs his own online casino.

Whilst parts of that description may be inaccurate, what is certain is that MonteCryptos Casino is an online platform where you can gamble using cryptocurrencies. Featuring an extensive range of great games and offers, the online casino is designed especially for cryptocurrencies.

The first striking feature of the casino is its dedicated Bitcoin welcome bonus. In fact, users who opt to deposit funds in cryptocurrencies can avail of a much more advantageous offer. The four-part welcome offer is a combination of different match deposit bonuses which together can reward you with up to 6BTC. In addition, all casino players can participate in ongoing jackpot promotions whose prizes can top €1.5m.

Bitcoin Roulette players will most likely visit MonteCryptos Casino’s dedicated page. There, you will find over 50 different titles to choose from, including live casino options and exclusive specialities. Once you have mastered the basics of the wheel game, you should try out some of the great variants on offer. Amongst these are the popular Bitcoin Lucky Spin Euro Roulette and Bitcoin Premier Roulette.

Beyond the excitement of the Roulette table, MonteCryptos Casino offers an extensive range of Bitcoin slots, including visually stunning 3D slots. There are also several jackpot slots, with prizes topping €1m and over.

The platform, which is registered in Cyprus and regulated in Curacao, has partnerships in place with a variety of leading payment providers. If you opt to deposit via cryptocurrencies, you can choose from Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, Litecoin, and more. Cryptocurrency payments are not bound by any minimum or maximum deposits, with all transfers processed instantly and without any fees.

Why Play Bitcoin Roulette?

If you have experience playing traditional or online Roulette, shifting to Bitcoin Roulette will be straightforward. The rules of the different games are oftentimes identical, with the main difference being the mechanics behind the game’s operations and related pay-outs. In fact, one of the first things you will notice when playing Bitcoin Roulette is the faster speed with which you will receive your pay-outs at the end of each round.

Apart from smoother gameplay, players who opt to enjoy Bitcoin Roulette are attracted to the possibility of playing anonymously. An increasing number of online platforms which support Blockchain games are not bound by regulation which requires them to carry out extensive KYC. As a result, players can start playing by simply providing an email address.

Any winnings received as part of the Bitcoin Roulette game can be instantly transferred to a wallet of your choosing. Traditionally, this process can be slow, and the receiving bank might enquire about the source of funds. By using cryptocurrencies, all this hassle is eliminated, since you are in control of your wallet and no financial institution knows who you are or what you are doing with your funds.

Different Types of Online Roulette Games

In addition to the three classic online Roulette games, namely European, American, and French, you will certainly come across several other variants of the popular wheel game.

Multi-ball Roulette, for example, is based upon the rules of European Roulette, but with one stark difference; the player gets to roll up to three balls instead of one. As a result, a round of Multi-ball Roulette provides three results with the possibility of additional side bets based upon the totals of these results.

Another emerging variant is No Zero Roulette, where, as its name suggests, the zero slot is removed, thus eliminating the house edge. Particularly popular amongst Bitcoin-only casinos due to their lower overhead costs, No Zero Roulette provides an unparalleled level of fairness.

For those looking to get started with Roulette, Mini Roulette might present the easiest opportunity to get acquainted with the game. Although it is based on the European version, Mini Roulette features just 12 number slots. Additionally, the range of possible bets is significantly reduced, with only straight, red/black, odd/even, row and combination bets allowed.

RNG vs. Dealer Roulette Games

Random number generators (RNG) are normally the basis of all online Roulette games. These specialised types of software are used to randomly and transparently produce an outcome which is not affected by either the game developer, the casino operator or the player. On the other hand, live Roulette games oftentimes make use of a real dealer, spinning a real, mechanical wheel, just like in the traditional version of the game. 

Whilst both RNG and live dealer games have been proven to be trustworthy and fair by independent game testers, players tend to prefer the former. With no human intervention, there is no possibility of any manipulation, so a completely digital version of Roulette is safer. However, beyond this perception, there is very little fact to say which of the two methods is better.

One of the main differences between RNG and live dealer games is wagers, with the latter normally requiring a higher minimum. The reason for this is simply overhead costs, since operating an RNG Roulette game is much cheaper than hiring a professional dealer to manage a live Roulette alternative.

Traits of Top-Ranking Casinos for Bitcoin Roulette

Choosing the right online casino to play Bitcoin Roulette is important, since choosing incorrectly may affect your gaming experience in a variety of ways. With hundreds of online casinos available, and with that number expected to grow in the years to come, there are several different ways to choose top-ranking and reputable operators.

Generally, an operating licence is a foolproof indication to ensure that an online casino is safe and reliable. However, an increasing number of Bitcoin Roulette operators avoid getting a licence in order to support anonymous players and to reduce overall costs.

If an online casino does not have a licence, a good trait to look out for is its supplier partnerships. Operators which offer a selection of games from top software developers are likely to be reputable since these providers would carry out due diligence to ensure that their reputation is not damaged by rogue operators.

Another way to determine if a Bitcoin Roulette operator is amongst top-ranking ones is to look out for online reviews. If a casino is suspected of fraud or provides terrible customer support, you will most likely be able to read about it online.

What is the house edge?

The house edge is a percentage of your bets that will go towards the house (that is, the operator) whether you win or lose your bet. This percentage guarantees the casino gets some sort of payment even if you win your bet.

Is Bitcoin roulette safe to play?

Yes, absolutely!

How is live roulette different?

Live roulette is managed by live dealers rather than by a computer programme, giving you that bit of realism.

How popular is Bitcoin roulette?

Just about as popular as regular roulette, and we all know how popular that is!

Are there more roulette variations found in Bitcoin casinos?

There are about as many roulette variations on Bitcoin casinos as there are on regular casinos; these include American roulette, European roulette, and French roulette.

Concluding Thoughts

Playing Bitcoin Roulette at online casinos has never been easier and promises to get even more popular in the years to come. The benefits of cryptocurrency games are numerous, with an increasing number of operators rewarding players who deposit digital currencies instead of traditional ones. Moreover, by choosing Bitcoin Roulette games you get access to a great portfolio of classics and variants, designed by some of the greatest game developers in the industry. Bitcoin Roulette, together with Bitcoin Slots and Bitcoin Poker will undoubtedly lead a revolution of fairness and transparency in the online gambling industry.