Isolated Margin Mode Goes Live at Binance Futures

Isolated Margin Mode Goes Live at Binance Futures

Binance Futures, one of the newest trading projects from the exchange platform, Binance, has launched a new isolated trading mode which promises traders “more precision control”.

2019 was a very busy year for Binance. In fact, it could be said that over the course of the year there were very few platforms out there that held a candle to the developments that Binance rolled out.

This not only includes site improvements for their core platform, such as newly launched coins, acquisitions and more but also, completely new projects altogether. These include Binance Margin Trading, Binance DEX, and more recently Binance Futures.

Binance Futures seems to be the project at the forefront of the firm’s mind currently. This has been shown because in recent weeks and months leading up to the New Year, they have been rolling out various updates for this venture frequently.

They are beginning 2020 with the same focus in mind, with the launch of a new Isolated Margin Mode which went live on the platform yesterday.

This new implementation allows better risk management in case the market goes against an open position. This works by letting users allocate a precise amount or margin for an open market, which then will be isolated against all the other positions in place. As such, it means that liquidation on an open position will not affect any other open positions that a trader may have.

Increase Profits, Lower Risk

This will then allow users to conduct different strategies against any other open positions. This should mean that, when used properly, profits can be increased with a lower risk of losses. With the cross-margin mode staying on Binance Futures to allow their users to have access to more options when trading.

As per the Director of Binance Futures, Arron Gong, “We spare no effort in ensuring a seamless trading experience for our users while providing them with the best protection and innovative functionalities. We have kept releasing two to three major features on a weekly basis and have witnessed the rapid growth of both retail and institutional traders on Binance Futures trading platform,”

He went on to hint at the prospect of this latest update being far from the last and we can hope to see many more additions to this service coming in recent months. In the statement, he stated simply, “We keep on listening to the community and are addressing their requests by rolling out new features continuously.”

Trading Competition

The push for Binance Futures and their hopes for it are clear from other news coming from the platform.

Notably, a competition where a US$100,000 prize pool for the winners is currently on-going.  These are made up of two competitions, A and B. One is a daily trading competition, while the other is a weekly one.

The daily competition is based on their cumulative daily USDT ROI across all perpetual futures contracts over the competition period. In this case, the prizes range from 200 BNB for first prize, 40 BNB for second prize, 20 BNB for third prize, and 10 BNB for finishing in the top 10.

While the weekly competition is based on weekly profit. For this, the top prize is 800 BNB if you top the leaderboard, 40 BNB for second prize, 20 BNB for 3rd prize, then there are a further 10 BNB for anyone finishing in the top 10.  These competitions have been on-going since yesterday and are scheduled to run until 2020/01/03 23:59:59 PM.

If this is how Binance are starting of 2020, you can expect plenty more across the year.

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