How to Make Money on IQ Option

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How to Make Money on IQ Option

How Legitimate Is IQ Option?

IQ Option is a forex, stocks, ETFs, CFDs, options, and cryptocurrency exchange based out of Cyrpus. Since IQ Option is authorized as a Cypriot Investment Firm, they can serve European clients under CIF regulations. IQ Option is officially regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission and has over 48 million registered users with over one million transactions per day.

Main Features

Demo Account With $10,000

One of the best offerings featured by IQ Option is the ability for all users to test their platform with a demo account before they decide to trade with their actual currency. In order for traders to get acclimated to the IQ Option platform, IQ Option offers all users the opportunity to trade $10,000 in virtual money with no set time limit or expiration on the demo account. With this offering, users are able to try different trading tools, different strategies, and get a full understanding of the platform before one has to commit to it. IQ Option does not require users to give any personal information to access their demo account, not even an e-mail address, and users can also continue to replenish their demo account with virtual money if it runs out.

Your capital is at risk.

Popular Assets

As a global trading platform, IQ Option offers a plethora of assets for its users to trade with. IQ Global offers 44 options pairs, 48 forex pairs, 185 CFDs, 24 cryptocurrencies, 4 commodities and 24 ETFs. Within these categories, IQ Option offers a variety of very popular trading options such as CFDs like Slack and Beyond Meat, commodities like oil, silver, and gold, and some of the most popular cryptocurrencies ,such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. IQ Option is a great platform to trades assets across a variety of different markets.

Convenient Withdrawals

According to platform users, one of the best features that IQ Option offers is the ability to conduct extremely convenient asset withdrawals. First off, the minimum withdrawal requirement from IQ Option is only $2, a fraction of what many platforms allow. On top of that, all withdrawals are processed within 24 hours, giving you one of the quickest available options to have access over your capital once it is transferred off of the exchange. You can withdrawal to a bank account or using your original payment method, however, you do need to verify your identity to make a withdrawal. This is necessary for any exchange following proper KYC/AML regulations, and may take up to three days.

Using IQ Option Interface to Your Advantage

IQ Option offers both browser as well as mobile trading, so you will be able to access their trading platform in whatever medium is easier for you. Using the mobile application gives you the same options as you would have on a traditional browser in a very intuitive way. Using the mobile app you can keep up to date on different financial markets, use a variety of technical analysis tools, set up pricing notifications to be sent to your phone, and of course, the ability to execute trades.

IQ Option also gives traders the ability to expand on their opportunities they would have on other platforms by offering “cryptocurrency multiples” and FX options trading. IQ Options cryptocurrency multiples feature gives users the ability to trade with leverage, where both upside potential and risk are amplified. Initially, the multiplier option was only applied to Bitcoin, but due to its popularity it has been expanded Ethereum, Ripple, and other cryptocurrencies. IQ Option also offers FX Options, a similar alternative to binary options only available to traders residing inside the European Union. These unique offerings make IQ Option advantageous to platforms that do not provide these options.

An example of IQ Option’s trading platform for different capital markets (

Using Technical Indicators to Analyze Markets

IQ Option offers many different technical analysis and charting tools, some of them being the relative strength index, better known as the RSI, moving averages, and Bollinger bands, with over 15 technical indicator tools to choose from. On top of these tools, IQ Option also offers a variety of charting tools to better enhance your trading strategy. The charting tools offered are candles, lines, area, hollow candles, and bars. Depending on your strategy, you can use many of these tools to optimize your trading across a variety of markets on one single platform.

Resources to Help You


Since IQ Option is one of the most reputable and largest online trading platforms available, there are a multitude of reviews all across the internet to give you a better idea about IQ Option’s reliability. Besides the review we have available on Cryptimi, many other reputable sites have reviewed IQ Option, such as Tech Radar, Trust Pilot and IQ Option also has a very robust trading community that actively discusses the platform and capital markets, giving you the opportunity to converse with users that are already well acquainted with the platform and have experience with it.

Start Practicing

We’ve already mentioned this feature earlier, but the ability to be able to practice and experience IQ Option’s platform without having to risk any of your capital is an extremely important asset to the growth and sustainability of platform. You can go onto IQ Option’s trading platform as we speak and sign up for a $10,000 virtual practice account without have to give out any of your private information. You can practice with the technical indicators and charting tools, experience a variety of different capital markets, and decide if you think IQ Option is the trading platform option you would like to use.

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, IQ Option is a dynamic and robust trading platform that offers a ton of different features not usually offered to this breadth of capital markets. IQ Option gives you the ability to practice or trade in a seamless matter using many different mediums and is very easy to use – evident by the millions of users and daily transactions.

Can I sign up for IQ Option if I am a United States citizen or resident?

No, IQ Option is not available in the United States.

What is the minimum deposit amount for IQ Option?

Users only need to deposit $10 to start trading on IQ Option.

What platforms is IQ Option available on?

You can download and trade with IQ Option on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices.

English is not my first language, are there other options available?

Yes, IQ Option is available in 13 different languages.

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