Pirate Chain (ARRR) Set For Trading on CoinEx

Pirate Chain (ARRR) Set For Trading on CoinEx

CoinEx has announced the latest token to be listed on their platform, Pirate Chain (ARRR).

While a token with the name Pirate Chain and an abbreviation of ARRR might sound like a bit of a humorous investment, if we have learnt anything from DogeCoin, this should not put you off a token. And in the case of AARR, this is certainly true and the firm has some very serious principles at its core.

What is ARRR?

The focus of the cryptocurrency is based on concepts important to crypto traders, such as being decentralised and private.  With it being an important asset chain of both Zcash (ZEC) and Komodo (KMD) ecosystem.  As such, it has a multi-faceted purpose and plenty to offer the world of blockchain.

More specifically, the Pirate Chain operates via “sapling” shielded transaction and mining block rewards. It also plays an important role in improvements surrounding Monero’s privacy and security function. While in terms of the aforementioned, Zcash (ZEC), is solving their fungibility problem. 

All of this combined illustrates that the token has not only its own functions and abilities, but its existence has a wider positive implication for other tokens, many of which are more well-known than itself. As such, it shouldn’t be underestimated or ignored by would-be traders.

How To Trade ARRR at CoinEx

Deposits of ARRR went life earlier today, at 4:00 (UTC), but full trading isn’t scheduled to be enabled until tomorrow morning, December 18, 2019 (UTC), at the same time of 4:00 (UTC). When it does, ARRR/BTC will be the pair by which you can invest.

When trading does go live, a trading event will be hosted from the moment it launches until 16:00 (UTC) on December 20th, 2019. During this event, users who have a net buy of more than 500 ARRR can participate in the ranking and the top 10 users are set to share 20,000 ARRR as a reward. The total amounts will be distributed as follows:

  • No.1:  8,000 ARRR
  • No.2: 5,000
  • No.3: 3,000 ARRR
  • No.4 – No.10: Equally share 4,000 ARRR

Also, please note, during the event, the ACM withdrawal function will be temporarily closed.

If you are looking to get involved, then make sure you get investing some point during the times stated, otherwise you will merely have to make do with standardised trading of this exciting new trading prospect.

Ending the year on a High

This is the second big news from CoinEx in two days. Yesterday we revealed the news that the platform was also poised to launch its new referral program, whereby users will be able to benefit from up to 40% commission on people they refer to CoinEx. The full details of this update, you can read here.

With these two things considered, it appears that CoinEx is set to end the year in the same way they have so far been going over the course of 2019. This year has been incredibly busy for the platform. Alongside various other listings, the platform also launched a margin trading service, an options trading service and of course, their own native chain which saw the launch of their DEX platform just 2 months ago.

With all these developments, 2020 is looking very promising for the platform and we are excited to see where it takes them. We are fairly confident that a whole range of new products and services will be due to launch, but what exactly they will remains to be seen.

If you are interested in any of these mentioned services or want to get involved in this trading event, go to CoinEx and check out all they have to offer.

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