CoinEx Begin New Referral Reward Scheme

CoinEx Begin New Referral Reward Scheme

CoinEx have updated the way their referral schemes work so now there are more benefits than ever before for recommending friends, family or colleagues to their service.

The move has been described by CoinEx as a means by which to ensure the “sustainable development of the CoinEx ecosystem and further achieve the aspiration of building a world-class crypto exchange”. While there are many new additions to the service that has been rolled out today by the exchange platform is that the referral commission ratio has increased from 20% up to a maximum of 40%.

This reward will come when you refer your friend to CoinEx with your own individual referral code or link. When they sign up at the platform, you will receive a ratio of their transaction fee. This will then be calculated into the platform’s own native token, CET before you receive it into your own account the following day.

The referral commission ratio and thus the CET you will be awarded will be is updated in real-time based on CET Holdings. While the transactions involving an invitee’s sub-account will also be refunded, with the example being given as follows – user A invited user B, and user B generated a sub-account C. The transaction fee of C will be refunded to user A.

As such, it is a great way to build your own CET holdings simply by spreading the good word of CoinEx to friends who will then able to benefit from all their services. These include their new margin trading, options trading, and DEX services that have launched this year. Not to mention, benefit from any other updates they launch in 2020 too. As well as this, the new user will also be privy to a enjoy a VIP 1 transaction fee discount for their first one-month (30 days)  at the platform.

It is worth noting in regard to this commission that another update is that the percentage available will be halved after 6 months and then not available after 12 months unless you are a Coinbase Ambassador. With this considered, you should move fairly quickly to benefit from these new rates offered by CoinEx.

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