Fortknoxster Now Available for Trading on KuCoin

Fortknoxster Now Available for Trading on KuCoin

Last week, exchange platform KuCoin released details of the latest project to be available for trading via their service, Fortknoxster.

The cybersecurity firm which functions on blockchain to provide secure, encrypted communication systems, has been available for trading by users of KuCoin since last week (Thursday, 8th August) via trading pairs, FKX/BTC and FKX/ETH. According to KuCoin, Fortknoxster is aimed at the B2C market and has been designed with unique “architecture and privacy features” which aims to “simplify the complexity of the end-to-end encryption”.

However, aside from the description of its business model, KuCoin has also announced plenty of details about their new trading option. These include whitepaper and documentation analysis, technology and development information and most importantly for traders, project potential.

While you can read full details at the KuCoin’s website, there are a few important takeaways from this info that you should consider. These include notes that the project has been viewed positively by the blockchain community, the fact that regular airdrops are organised by the firm and the fact the Fortknoxster’s early-bird pre-sale sold out within a month.

Naturally, being a security firm, Fortknoxster, has a big emphasis on protecting users account from attacks. They make use of Two-Factorr Authentication with TOTP and FIDO U2F, Security audit log and Web Application Firewall (WAF) filtering web requests to protect users. They are heavily involved in their community by utilising user feedback to improve their service, ensuring their system is always bettered over time.

All of which makes Fortknoxster a solid investment for traders.

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