Binance to Host Matic Trading Comp

Exchange platform, Binance will be hosting a trading competition for the token of the Matic Network.

Over the course of the competition, 50,000 USD worth of Matic will be available for those participating in this event. While it is one overall competition, in reality, there are three separate promotions that will make up the event that will launch tomorrow, 2020/05/27, and run until 2020/06/03 0:00 AM (UTC).

These events are as follows:

Promotion A: 10% Trading Fee Discount For New Registered Users

Promotion B: Rank in the Top 3 by MATIC Trading Volume to Win Up to $12,000 in MATIC Tokens. With the reward structure breaking down as follows:

Promotion C: Trade MATIC to Share a Prize Pool of $25,000 in MATIC Tokens.

This means there are 3 separate opportunities to get involved in this event that will be going on over the next two weeks simply by trading Matic on the token. Of course, there are more details about the promotion and some other important T&Cs to understand ahead of participating.

All of which, you can learn about by heading over to Binance now and navigating to their blog post explaining the details of this exciting competition.