DX.Exchange Have Closed “Temporarily”

DX.Exchange has closed its door as they attempt to find a “merger or outright sell of the company”.

The news will come as a surprise to some as it has seemed all systems go for their native DXCASH and Turbo Token. However, this has seemingly not taken off in the way they had expected as last weekend they announced news of closure as they attempt to find a way by which their firm can be saved. While this has been billed as a “temporary” move, depending on how these pursuits go, it could be the end of the exchange altogether.

The official statement released by the platform stated, “The board believes this is the best opportunity for DX.Exchange to achieve success for its shareholders and compete in this challenging market. In the event a merger or sell is not completed in a timely matter then the exchange may not resume operations and take appropriate action. “

This really came out of left-field from the platform. As users were hastily informed that their deposit and trading would be suspended and all open orders being cancelled, all of which occurred the day of the announcement.

If you hadn’t heard of this new but had tokens stored on the platform, you  now have just under a week left to withdraw these, with the process as follows:

1.   A copy of the front page (with picture) of the same government ID you used to open your account.
2.   The wallet address for each cryptocurrency you hold that you want to withdrawal
3.   The amount of each withdrawal per crypto pair.
4.   A selfie of yourself holding a paper with today’s date and the words “DX Exchange”. Make sure your face is clear in the selfie.
5.   You must use the SAME EMAIL address you registered your account with.

These are the latest victims of 2019, which has already seen Cryptopia close following a hack and a Dutch firm dissolved in similar circumstances, while well-established platform, Ethinfex closed and then rebranded as DeVersifi.