Bitcoin and Ethereum Close its Annus Horribilis

Bitcoin and Ethereum Close its Annus Horribilis

Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins are closing today the year where all the dreams were popped in the form of huge declines in crypto prices.

King of cryptocurrencies Bitcoin closed the year with a decline of 73.02% after opening the year at $13,863 and closing at current prices around $3,740.01, over a $10,000 drop.

Since its all time highs in December, the BTC collapsed 81.20% from $19,891.00 traded in December 2017 to current prices. Bitcoin is also closing its fifth negative month in a row. Once the pair broke below the $6,000 with the Bitcoin Cash hard fork, it never came back.

Ethereum closed a positive December, but who cares?

Ethereum is giving some hope for crypto investors after The ETH/USD is closing December with a 20% rebound to current $134.52. However, it would be the first positive month in the last eight. In other words, Ethereun never put a monthly increase since May, until today.

In 2018, ETH/USD collapsed 81.86% from its opening price in January at $741.24 to current prices at $134.44. From all time highs, also reached in December, Ethereum fell 90.53% from January highs at $1419.96 to current levels.

Bitcoin Cash, a cause or a victim of the collapse?

Bitcoin Cash is closing its fifth negative month in a row as the BCH/USD is falling 8.43% in December. Since January’s opening price of $2,366.90, BCH/USD has fallen 93.41% to current levels.

Since its inception a year ago, BCH/USD has lost around 96% of its value as it has only logged two positive months in its brief life.

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