Binance Trust Wallet adds ZCoin to Portfolio as Quest For Optimum Privacy Continues

Binance Trust Wallet adds ZCoin to Portfolio as Quest For Optimum Privacy Continues

Users of Trust Wallet will now be able to use Zcoin on the service following the announcement of an integration yesterday.

It was announced yesterday that privacy coin ZCoin, will now be available for use on Trust Wallet, the secure multi-cryptocurrency wallet and DApps browser from the team at Binance. The combination of Z-Coin, which comes from the protocol pioneers Zero Coin, and Trust Wallet go hand in hand due to their emphasis on private and trustworthy online transactions. It was announced on the Binance yesterday that it was these unique privacy features that they hoped the cryptocurrency community could benefit from now that is available on their Trust Wallet service.

The founder of Trust Wallet, Viktor Radchenko, stated, “Privacy is one of our core values, as it is an inherent human right and should be maintained to preserve personal rights and dignity. For us, it is very important to support as many privacy feature coins as possible, so our users can have the power to make their own choices.” Following on from this he said that, the initial goal was to enable “sending and receiving functionality” before eventually incorporating the Zerocoin protocol into their service, thus providing the “highest level of privacy” for Trust Wallet’s users.

Zerocoin, Trust Wallet And How They Work Together

The Zerocoin protocol is a system that offers users complete privacy over their transactions, thanks to its use of zero-knowledge cryptographic proofs, hence where it takes its name from.  The Zcoin is the first coin that makes full use of this protocol, thus it allows blockchain users to achieve the highest level of privacy and even, anonymity. It has done this by incorporating egalitarian mining and obscures users IP addresses.They have been pioneers in the blockchain privacy sector and even released an academic paper in response to the biggest challenges regarding privacy and blockchains.

Reuben Yap, COO of Zcoin, emphasised his enthusiasm about the deal in regard to Binance’s track record with security and it being an integral part of their service, stating, “We are looking forward to adding more integrations as Trust Wallet is the native decentralized wallet for Binance’s DEX and excited about their support for Zcoin and other privacy coins”

Trust wallet became part of the Binance last year following an acquisition of the company. It has been praised for its easy to use service combined with a high level of security that makes it easy for all users to store and move crypto with ease. It has now been implemented as the native wallet of Bitcoin. Thus it supports BNB, Binance Chain and their brand-new decentralised exchange, Binance DEX, which launched last week.

Binance’s DEX was their first outing into the Decentralised Exchanged field, and with this latest addition of a super secure coin to their native wallet, it seems that Binance are heading more and more into the field of anonymous and a secure cryptocurrency exchange format. While not everyone was happy about Binance DEX last week, with the latest inclusion of an ultra-secure coin to their portfolio it might be the thing to change a few minds about Binance.

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