AIBC Summit Malta – Autumn Edition: Day 1

AIBC Summit Malta – Autumn Edition: Day 1

A new season brings with it many changes; Mother nature decides to throw us some curveballs with the weather, we turn our wardrobe of clothes upside down, trying to decide what to wear from one day to the next. Then there’s the ever-so-important activity schedule on our monthly agenda.

While we were turning our clocks back one hour just a couple of weeks ago, the same cannot be said for the world of AI and Blockchain technology, because this ever-evolving industry seems to be growing at an exponential rate.

Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to at least try to grapple with some of its concepts and in the process, gain some insight in the way it affects virtually every facet of our lives. And while the word ‘endless’ might sound hyperbolic, it really isn’t, because the fact of the matter is, that such technology is ubiquitous (and has been so for quite some time) whether we’re aware of it or not.

The Malta AI and Blockchain Summit held earlier this year was as jam-packed as it was fruitful. Although not in the sunniest of settings, this autumn edition, was certainly no different.

This edition of the AIBC Summit Malta was a third in its sequence and one which showed no signs of dwindling in terms of success. After all, it’s an event where people meet up to network, connect and discuss this exciting realm that really is part of our future.

This summit is a bi-annual expo covering topics relating to the global sectors for blockchain, AI, Big Data, IoT, and Quantum technologies. If that won’t get your intellectual cogs turning, we don’t know what will!

Just like the spring edition, this event included conferences hosted by globally-renowned speakers, workshops for industry learning and discussion, an exhibition space accommodating more than 400 brands and multitude of networking events.

Of course, our team at Cryptimi wanted to be part of the excitement. And once again, we were lucky enough to gain VIP Access, where we could participate in as many talks and workshops as we pleased. Last May’s summit was such a hit, we had reason to be hyped up for yet another opportunity to mingle and network with people hailing from all areas of our industry. And of course, let’s not forget about the great speakers who are experts in their field.

From the vast selection of intriguing workshops on offer – and trust us, there were many – there was one which seized our attention. Thus, we couldn’t miss out on the workshop which tackled AI & Blockchain for Education and Mass Adoption. The entire premise behind this two-hour session was one which discussed invention and adoption, which in essence, is what the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency revolve around.

A person’s invention can be the most innovative and original, but without adoption it will have a very limited lifespan. Great focus was given on the importance of education for the mass adoption of new technologies, because let’s face it, without having the knowledge of an invention, people will very rarely invest in something. The opening talk was about Blockchain Education, where speakers Dr Joshua Ellul and Mr Gordon Pace discussed the Chimera on the Bridge of Partial Knowledge.

Education as we know it will soon change and within the next decade or two, it’s expected to evolve in drastic proportions. We should expect to see the unraveling of what is currently seen as a traditional system to one which makes people feel the need to think outside the box. Life-long, professional learning will become the norm with an increasing number of people taking up online courses. In fact, the rise of many online courses which seem to be flourishing in every discipline, from all corners of the world is testament to this very notion.

The next talk was presented by Mr. Alfio Bardolla who focused on Entrepreneurial Mindset in the Blockchain Field. The main idea behind this talk was the importance of using blockchain technology in real-life scenarios, and having clients from the traditional business world will create a better environment for mass adoption.

Another talk which is worth mentioning was one which was given by entrepreneur Sherif Botros, who discussed Blockchain and AI – A Solution to a Global Monetary System. Imagine a world in which a Blockchain Ledger manages our planet’s resources efficiently for the well-being of everyone?

In his presentation, Botros highlighted the ins and outs of how the future lies in the transition from expensive resources to a Blockchain resource-based economy. In a nutshell, by eliminating the need for competitive trade, we’d be able to share everything, sans the competitiveness and everything will be as easily accessible and abundant as oxygen.

Indeed, this workshop alone gave us a lot of food for thought, because ultimately AI and Blockchain technology should not only be seen in light of what it could offer in terms of ROI, but how it could better the world we live in for our current and future generations.

Before we knew it, the day came to an end and we had nothing left to do but mull over the great talks, workshops and debates we had the pleasure to participate in. Needless to say, we absolutely couldn’t wait to see what the second day of the summit would hold.

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