Trading212 Fees Explained in Detail

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Trading212 Fees Explained in Detail

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Trading212 is an online trading platform specially designed for smartphones. The responsive design and range of user-friendly tools rank it in the top tier platforms as chosen by users. It offers over 3,000 different instruments across markets and makes searching for and trading Contracts for Difference (CFDs) a quick and simple process.

General Overview of Trading212

Originally registered in Bulgaria, Trading212 and its subsidiaries are licenced to offer trading services in several countries around the world. In order to encourage international users, the website and platform are available in over 10 languages, including Polish, Romanian, and Dutch.

Trading212 is considered to be amongst the safest trading platforms available. Apart from benefitting from top security features which include firewalls and encrypted transactions, the platform guarantees user accounts up to €20,000 in case of insolvency.

General Trading Conditions on Trading212

In order to maintain its operating licences and continue to provide a safe trading environment for investors, Trading212 requires that all users verify their account. Although Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures are normally viewed as a hassle, they are an important way to prevent scams or fraudulent accounts. The platform utilises technology and best practices in order to make the account opening process a straightforward one. 

Trading Terms

Trading212 Overview
Screenshots are shown for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary.

Trading212 operates two primary products, namely:

  • Trading212 Invest
  • Trading212 CFD

Trading212 Invest lets you invest from as little as €1 whilst enjoying some of the lowest fees in the industry. Users get 24/7 support and access to the full range of global stocks and ETFs. In addition, it is also possible to invest in fractional shares.

By using Trading212 CFD, users get the opportunity to invest in forex, stocks, and indices. Apart from experiencing some of the lowest spreads, investor accounts have negative balance protection and several automatic limits. On Trading212 CFD, positions can be opened with a minimum deposit of €10.

Withdrawal Fees

One of the significant features of Trading212 is the selection of supported payment methods available to traders. Before these payment providers offer their services to trading platforms they carry out due diligence to ensure that it acts in a professional and safe manner. As a result, you can make payments using credit and debit cards, eWallets, bank transfer, and even PayPal.

No matter which payment method you decide to use for withdrawals, Trading212 does not charge any associated fees. When withdrawing from your Trading212 Invest account, the minimum value is €1. Withdrawals from Trading212 CFD are subject to a €10 minimum.

Deposit Fees

Unlike some trading platforms out there, Trading212 does not charge any deposit fees, irrespective which of the two main products you are investing with. However, if you use certain payment methods, such as bank transfer, your payment provider might charge you a fee.

Currency Conversion Fee

Whenever you open an account with Trading212 you choose or are assigned a base currency based on your country of residence. With each position opened or closed in a different currency, a currency conversion fee applies. This charge is waived when you invest using Trading212 Invest. With Trading212 CFD, the currency conversion fee is a flat, 0.5%.

Buy and Sell Spread Fees

The spread represents the primary fee charged by Trading212. It can be easily calculated by subtracting the long (buy) price from the short (sell) price of any asset. Depending on the volatility of a particular asset, the spread can either be fixed or floating, which means that it changes throughout the day.

Calculating the spread for each asset is done automatically by the platform’s proprietary algorithms. These make use of data from various exchanges and are continually updated. The good news is that you don’t ever really need to calculate the spread yourself since all prices already include this fee unless otherwise indicated.

Overnight Fees

Trading212 Swap
Screenshots are shown for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary.

Every asset traded on Trading212 has a fixed time during the day known as the end of market hours. Any position kept open beyond this time will automatically be charged overnight fees, often referred to as the swap. Taking the above example, the swap fee for the CK Hutchison stock is -0.017739 with a long position and -0.009436 with a short sell position.

Inactivity Fees

Another important difference in fees between Trading212 and other reputable trading platforms such as eToro and Plus500 is that there is no inactivity fee. Normally, accounts which are left unused for extended periods of time are charged this fee, however, Trading212 has opted not to activate this fee. Nevertheless, the platform reserves the right to close any accounts upon its internal policies.

Trading with Trading212

Trading212 Trading Platform
Screenshots are shown for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary.

Trading212 offers a professional brokerage service without the commission fees normally associated with such a service. The platform is easy to navigate and offers several powerful tools and analyses options. Even though it is packed with useful features trading on Trading212 feels intuitive even if you’ve never traded online before.

Once you open an account on Trading212 you can make use of the demo account which looks and works just like the real one. In addition, the platform provides extensive educational resources to help you develop and improve your investment strategy.

Trading212 offers both an iOS and Android mobile application. Traders already familiar with MT4 can opt to remain to trade on this award-winning platform. No matter which platform you use you will have access to the same comprehensive list of instruments and markets.

Concluding Thoughts

With its range of investment solutions catering to different types of investors, Trading212 is a favourite amongst both novice and professional users. The platform’s sheer simplicity and responsiveness making trading on the go a convenient reality. This, combined with a short list of low fees make this platform one of the best mobile brokers in the industry.

Is Trading212 regulated?

Yes, the platform is regulated in several countries through subsidiaries. Trading 212 UK Ltd., for example, is licenced by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK.

Is leverage trading supported?

Leverage is available when CFD trading. For EU-based investors, leverage is limited to 1:30, however professional accounts can get up to 1:300.

What are some of the best features on Trading212?

The platform offers daily financial news, detailed economic calenders, summaries of key investment techniques, and guides to carrying out chart analysis.

Is verification required to open an account?

Yes, before you can make any deposits or withdrawals you will need to verify your account and provide identification documents.

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