How To Cash Out Large Amounts Of Bitcoin

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How To Cash Out Large Amounts Of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a form of digital currency launched in 2009, which earned it the status of the first cryptocurrency to ever exist. It is a decentralized digital currency that does away with middlemen such as banks and government agencies during any financial transaction, but it requires a certain level of knowledge on how to cash out bitcoin for you to enjoy trading. It is backed up by a blockchain technology known as peer-to-peer technology, which ensures that confidential information is exchanged solely between the buyer and seller.


The secured level of transaction gives bitcoin an edge over other financial commodities of physical value, such as gold and silver. In a bitcoin transaction, all you need is an electronic payment system that is based on cryptographic proof instead of trusting intermediaries like banks to effect the transaction. A little research on how to cash out bitcoin will reveal all the intricacies there are on bitcoin.

Bitcoin has come a long way since 2009 as it is slowly, but surely becoming accepted as a means of payment for goods and services. Companies such as The Dallas Mavericks, AT&T, and Wikipedia now accept bitcoin as a means of payment

A Basic Understanding Of How Bitcoin Works

A bitcoin is like a computer file that is stored in what is called a digital wallet. Digital wallets are a form of virtual banks. They are usually in the form of an app or software that you can install on your smartphone or computer. Bitcoin can be purchased using real currency.

During a transaction, a person can send the value of the bitcoin paid for directly into the digital wallet of the other. These transactions are recorded in blockchain technology, making it a public record. They can be traced and controlled to stop people from creating fake coins, spending coins they don’t own, and undoing a transaction. 

How to Cash Out Bitcoin

How To Cash Out Bitcoin

After patiently investing in bitcoin, it is essential to know how to cash out bitcoin. You can convert bitcoin to cash using methods such as PayPal, bank transfer, cash deposit, peer-to-peer exchange, and third-party exchanges. After learning how to cash out bitcoin, you need to consider other factors before converting your bitcoin to cash, these include:

  • Whether you want your money deposited in your PayPal or bank account;
  • Whether you want the cheapest or easiest method;
  • Local tax laws of the currency you want to convert to;
  • How long you want to wait before receiving your cash;
  • The amount you want to convert to cash.

These factors, amongst others, will play an essential role in your choice of converting bitcoin to cash. Some conversion methods will be easier than others, but you need to know what you want before deciding how to turn your bitcoin into cash. While this guide will be discussing some methods, by means of a pros and cons list, it is always advisable to do further research before choosing a method which works best for you.

Third-Party Exchange

There are different cryptocurrency exchanges you can use that will help you convert bitcoin to cash at reasonable fees and guaranteed the security of your asset. Some of these exchanges include Bitstamp, Kraken, and Coinbase, however, please visit our guide on the cheapest cryptocurrency exchanges list to find out how to decrease commission fees on cash-outs.

To use this method, you will need to create an account on the platform using valid details and identification documents before proceeding to either buy or deposit bitcoin into your account. When the exchange confirms your bitcoin, you can cash out to fiat via bank transfer. The exchange rules on how to cash out bitcoin vary between platforms, so it is essential to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions before trading with any platform.

Third-party exchanges are reliable and secure when transacting in bitcoin, since one can complete trading using a mere wallet address and their payment details. Such anonymity does not in any way affect the transaction. What’s more, third-party exchange platforms are usually easy to navigate, even for beginners to trade on and invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  There is also the added plus that when using third-party exchanges, transferring bitcoin to a third party is not necessary, which in turn lowers the risk of being hacked. 

Nevertheless, third-party exchanges charge high transaction fees compared to peer-to-peer transactions. The higher the amount involved in trading, the higher the transaction fee. With a lot of third-party exchanges available on the market, it might be difficult to make a choice at times. This is why extensive research and reviewing every platforms is imperative, before making your choice. 

• Reliability
• User-friendliness
• Low-risk of hacking
• Transaction fees
• Market saturation

Peer To Peer (P2P)

Peer to peer is another method of converting your bitcoin to cash. There are P2P platforms such as Paxful and LocalBitcoins that you can use for bitcoin exchanges. The transaction happens strictly between the buyer and seller, with no room for any intermediary.

Find a reliable P2P platform with clear instructions on how to cash out bitcoin, open an account on the platform, and start trading. It is advisable to go for platforms that offer escrow services that will protect your bitcoins until you confirm the buyer’s payment. 

On of the main advantages with the P2P method is its anonymity, with the transaction happening between the buyer and seller only, parties’ details are fully protected. Then there is the added bonus of being able to choose from different payment methods including cash deposits, bank transfers, western union, and gift vouchers.

Nevertheless, there is still a level of risk; anonymity opens doors of opportunities for scammers to take advantage, so it is always advisable to keep a look out for possible fraudulent activity in this regard. Moreover, the complex transactions using P2P to trade in bitcoin can sometimes be a bit time-consuming.

• Anonymity
• Different payment methods
• Risk of scams
• Complex transactions

Broker Exchange

Some financial commodities platforms also offer bitcoin services that can help you convert your bitcoin into cash. Although they deal in conventional financial commodity investment, they also have a cryptocurrency portfolio that will help you convert your bitcoin to cash. Some of these platforms include Robinhood, eToro, and Webull. They are quite easy to use once you know how to cash out bitcoin on their platform. Please visit our recommended CFD brokers list for more information.


With a brokerage platform, the higher the volume of people who use the brokerage exchange to trade bitcoin, the more liquid the brokerage exchange will be to trade in cryptocurrency. There are also many brokerage platforms that one can use to trade bitcoin. With a fair amount of research, you can find the ones that are easy to use with low spread and minimal slippage fees.

With the above taken into consideration, it is worth keeping in mind that a brokerage platform with low liquidity can also be a drawback and possibly result in a high spread and high slippage fees that will affect your gain.

• Greater liquidity pool
• Broker options
• Low liquidity

The best way for traders to cash out Bitcoin

When it comes to how to cash out bitcoin, there is no one specific way to convert bitcoin to cash. Different factors will influence your choice of cashing out your bitcoin. Some of these factors include fees, cryptocurrency regulations in your area, the amount of cash you need, time, and method of converting bitcoin to cash.

However, the best and most widely used means of converting bitcoin into cash is through crypto exchanges. This is because all exchange platforms trade bitcoin and over 90% of the crypto exchanges allow coins to be withdrawn as fiat money. 

Why might one want to change their crypto for fiat?

Fiat is a type of currency that is issued by the government and regulated by the central bank. It is usually based on the credit of the economy and is not backed by a physical commodity. Fiat gets its value from the forces of market demand and supply.

You can convert your bitcoin into fiat for different reasons, such as cashing out after making a profitable bitcoin trade and payment for goods and services. Fiat is a flexible way of liquidating your digital assets. It is essential to choose an exchange platform that offers a fast, secure, and cost-efficient method of converting your crypto to fiat.

Cashing out small vs. large amounts of Bitcoin

Depending on the method and platform you choose, there are differences between cashing out a small and large amount of bitcoin, some important differences include: 

  • The level of risk of cashing out large amounts is higher than smaller ones.
  • You are more susceptible to financial restrictions when cashing out large amounts of bitcoin as most exchange platforms have daily limits that may prove to be an issue. This is not the case when cashing out small sums.
  • Cashing out large amounts of bitcoin may be subject to government scrutiny. Small bitcoin transactions can be done under the radar without attracting any regulatory body’s attention. This is not the case when cashing out a large amount of bitcoin.
Bitcoin How to Cash Out Large Amounts of Bitcoin -Cryptocurrency Exchange

Things to consider before cashing out Bitcoin

Some of the things to consider when cashing out bitcoin are the exchange limits of the platform being used, as well as bank movement.

Exchange Limits

It is essential to know the necessary information on how to cash out bitcoin on your preferred crypto exchange platform. The reason is that crypto exchange platforms place limits on the amount of cash you can withdraw daily. These limits are usually from a few thousand dollars to a higher amount.

You can increase your exchange limit by upgrading your account level. This depends on the platform you’re using. You should consider your exchange limit before cashing out on large amounts of bitcoin. To beat this limit, you can withdraw from more than one platform to complete the total amount you want to withdraw.

Bank Movements

Unusual cash deposits in your account could put your account under government scrutiny, which may lead to the freezing of your account until you explain how you came about such money. This happens when the regular deposits you get are few hundreds of dollars, and suddenly you get a deposit of thousands of dollars. This would surely raise eyebrows. The best way to go about this is to talk to your bank before making the deposit so you can explain yourself. That way, if it is the policy of the bank not to accept cryptocurrency deposits, you can open an account with a bank that does support Bitcoins.

How to cash out on Bitcoin - taxation and legal processes

Generally, a property is liable to taxation. The IRS states that digital currencies like Bitcoin should be treated as property and subject to general tax principles. Therefore, when you buy or sell bitcoin, there will be tax consequences. The implication is the higher the amount of cash you receive for a Bitcoin transaction, the higher the tax due. It is advisable to consult a tax lawyer or accountant that is conversant in crypto taxes. They will also help you deposit your bitcoin funds legally with lower tax rates.

The IRS provides that the fair market value of the digital currencies to the dollar must be included in your gross income if you earn in bitcoin. The fair market value of bitcoin can be calculated by converting it into dollars at the going exchange rate at the time of transaction. Every bitcoin transaction is taxable under the relevant tax laws. To keep track of your taxes, you should work out a record-keeping system for all your bitcoin transactions together with the cost of the transaction method and exchange rate, whether buying or selling.  

When it comes to legal issues, bitcoin is a digital currency used as a form of monetary exchange despite not being regulated by any government agency or bank. This presents legal and ethical issues for bitcoin enthusiasts. The lack of government protection exposes users to little or no legal protection, especially with the increasing rate of black market websites that trade in bitcoin. You may fall victim to theft, money laundering, and fraud without any legal recourse because of the lack of regulation. 

Best exchanges for cashing out Bitcoin

PlatformFeeWithdrawal FeeWithdrawal LimitSupported Countries
Coinbase Spread: 0.50%
Flat Fee: $0.99 to $2.99
ACH: 1.49%
Coinbase USD Wallet: 1.49%
Debit cards: 3.99%
$25,000 per day100+
Gemini Convenience Fee: 0.50% above market rate
Transaction fee: $0.99 to 1.49%
ACH: Free
Wire Transfer: Free
$5,000 daily, $100,000 for fully verified personal account20+
BlockFi NoneBTC: 0.00075 BTCBTC: 100BTC per 7 days100+
Kraken 0% to 0.26%$0Card Transactions: $4,000 within 7 days50+
Robinhood None$0ACH: $50,000
Virtually all countries
eToro 0.75% to 2.90%$0None140
Bitcoin IRA Platform Fees: 1.5% to 12.50%
Transaction Fees: 1% (sell orders) and 5% (buy orders)
$0None50+ Maker Fees: 0.036% to 0.10% Taker Fees: 0.090% to 0.16%0.0003 BTC10 BTC90+
Binance 0.10%0.0005 BTC per BTCLevel 1: 2 BTC in 24 hours, Level 2: 100 BTC in 24 hours180+
Coinmama Buy Orders: 0.1% to 3.90%
Sell Orders: 0.10% to 0.90%
$0Level 1: $15,00010

All these exchanges have their pros and cons and depending on different factors, they are all suitable for bitcoin trading, provided you research how to cash out bitcoin on your preferred platform. Out of these exchanges, Kraken is one of the best exchanges you can find around. In fact, it has been operating since 2011 and has built a reputation as a reliable bitcoin exchange platform.

There is quite a lot to learn about bitcoin. Learning how to cash out bitcoin is just barely scratching the surface. There is other inherent information you need to be aware of before investing in bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a whole. Prior to making your decision, it is worth doing extensive research on bitcoin trading, exchange platforms, hidden fees, and taxes. This will equip you with the necessary knowledge, ensuring your choices are well thought out, with the possibility of being lucrative.

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