9 Best iPhone Bitcoin Wallets (iOS Friendly)

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9 Best iPhone Bitcoin Wallets (iOS Friendly)

An important part of owning Bitcoin is storing it securely, especially as it becomes even more valuable. There are a variety of wallet types available, but only a few work securely on smartphones. In this guide, you will learn about the best iPhone Bitcoin wallet and which ones closest match your preferences.

Why do you need a Bitcoin Wallet for iOS?

Depending on which reputable cryptocurrency exchange you’ve chosen to buy Bitcoin from, you will likely need an external wallet to store it in. Even though your exchange might offer a free, in-built wallet, it is not recommended to store large values of cryptocurrencies there indefinitely. Whilst you can buy hardware wallets, if you own an Apple phone, you can choose to store Bitcoin in an iOS wallet. Such storage options are known as mobile wallets and include any device which uses this operating system. As a result, you can have both iPad wallets and iPhone wallets.

9 Best iPhone Bitcoin Wallet Reccomendations

With your mobile wallet, you will be able to send, receive, and store Bitcoins securely. Whilst there is a choice of iPhone wallets, they feature different benefits and functionalities. It is also important to note that such wallets are hot wallets, which means that they are easier to hack than their alternatives, cold wallets.

In no particular order, the best iPhone Bitcoin wallets for iOS are:

iOS WalletBest ForTop Feature
Ledger Nano XUsers with some experienceSupports over 1,100 coins
Ledger Nano SUsers with some experienceSupports over 1,100 coins
eToro Mobile WalletBeginner usersIn-built cryptocurrency exchange
Guarda WalletProficient usersERC20 token creation
CoolWallet SUsers with some experienceExtremely safe
Exodus WalletUsers with some experienceIn-built cryptocurrency exchange
Coinbase WalletBeginner usersOffers in-app cryptocurrency conversions
TrustologyBeginner usersInsurance available for premium subscribers
Indacoin WalletBeginner usersIn-built cryptocurrency exchange

1. Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X Bitcoin Wallet
Image source: Ledger

The Ledger Nano X is actually a cold storage device but offers iOS compatibility that allows you to access your Bitcoin using an iPhone or iPad wallet. The Nano X is the most recent of Ledger’s cryptocurrency wallets and is considered to be the safest and most functional of the series. 

This wallet costs €119 so it’s significantly more expensive than some of the other best wallets for iOS. However, for this price, you will be able to store a choice of over 1,100 coins and tokens. Furthermore, since your iOS device is only connected with the physical wallet for short periods of time, it is significantly less likely to be successfully hacked.

The connection between your Apple and Ledger products is made using the Ledger Live mobile app and Bluetooth. This mobile app has been described by users as being intuitive, user-friendly, and fast.

Ledger Nano X Pros:

  1. One of the safest and best wallets for iOS
  2. Supports over 1,100 coins and tokens
  3. User-friendly and intuitive interface

Ledger Nano X Cons:

  1. The device must be carried with you to access the mobile wallet
  2. Comparatively expensive, although good value for money

2. Ledger Nano S

Ledger wallet on mobile

The Ledger Nano S is the predecessor of the Nano X and shares several features with its younger brother. The cold storage device does not give the user access to the private key and offers a recovery option in case the password or code is lost or forgotten. This is especially important given the steady flow of users who lost access to their wallets completely after having forgotten their passcode.

The Nano S is an iPhone Bitcoin wallet that costs around half the price of the Nano X. It supports over 1,100 coins and tokens and connects to your Apple device using Ledger Live and Bluetooth. This means that you can only access your wallet via mobile if the physical wallet is in close proximity. However, the Ledger Nano S is compact and lightweight, so carrying it around should not cause you any extra effort.

Connecting your Nano S to your iPhone or iPad wallet is simple and fast. After downloading your Ledger Live app you will be guided to connect your wallet. Once connected, you will be able to send and receive Bitcoin and Altcoins easily.

Ledger Nano S Pros:

  1. Easy to set up and use
  2. Supports over 1,100 different coins
  3. A very safe iOS wallet option

Ledger Nano S Cons:

  1. The device must be carried with you to access the mobile wallet
  2. Not free; however, excellent value for money

3. eToro Mobile Wallet

eToro mobile wallet app
Image source: eToro.
Highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. 

Whilst many have probably heard about eToro as a Bitcoin CFD trading platform, fewer know that the trading giant has released a functional iPhone Bitcoin wallet that’s compatible with iOS. The eToro mobile wallet features the important benefit of being backed by a regulated entity, although this means that it is only currently available in a select number of countries. Only real assets are available for US users.

Available as both an iPhone and iPad wallet, there is no charge to download and set up. Fees are only charged when you carry out transactions or conversions. In fact, the eToro mobile wallet provides an in-built exchange platform that lets you convert one cryptocurrency to another. Furthermore, you can also buy Bitcoin using a credit card directly from this Bitcoin wallet for iOS.

The wallet supports over 120 coins and tokens and offers a user-friendly interface for you to send and receive funds. eToro’s trading platform app is ranked amongst the best in the world, so it is no surprise that its mobile wallet offers convenient features and a sleek design. Nevertheless, since this is a hot storage device, it is not considered to be as safe as a cold storage alternative.

This ad promotes cryptocurrency within the EU (by eToro Europe Ltd. and eToro UK Ltd.) USA (by eToro USA LLC); which is highly volatile, unregulated in some EU countries and the UK., no EU consumer protection. Investments are subject to market risk, including the loss of principal.

eToro Mobile Wallet Pros:

  1. Free to download and set up
  2. Access to an in-built cryptocurrency exchange
  3. Backed by a regulated organisation

eToro Mobile Wallet Cons:

  1. Less secure than cold wallets
  2. A limited choice of less popular coins

4. Guarda Wallet

Mobile device showing Guarda wallet
Image source: Guarda

Guarda is a software wallet available across digital devices and operating systems. Free to set up, it offers a number of advantages, which include an in-built cryptocurrency exchange. In addition, you can also buy Bitcoin and other coins using a card directly from this wallet.

With Guarda wallet, you will only be able to store from a choice of around 50 coins and tokens. This non-custodial wallet does not store any keys or data itself but instead keeps them stored directly in the Blockchain. Moreover, users have access to your private keys and are able to create and use their own ERC20 tokens. As a result, this wallet is considered best for proficient cryptocurrency users.

Setting up a Guarda wallet is simple, but it is imperative that you store your password and code in a secure location. If you forget it, you will not be able to gain access to your funds.

Guarda Wallet Pros:

  1. Free to set up
  2. Offers ERC20 token creation and associated tools
  3. Provides cryptocurrency exchange services

Guarda Wallet Cons:

  1. No recovery option if access to password and backup are lost
  2. A limited choice of cryptocurrencies

5. CoolWallet S

Coolwallet S and hardware wallet

CoolWallet S is a hardware wallet with the distinct feature of looking very much like a credit card. Sleek and easy to carry around in your wallet, the cold storage device has an integrated display and button to manage transactions. It connects to your iPhone wallet using Bluetooth or NFC, allowing you to send and receive cryptocurrencies with ease.

There are several factors that make CoolWallet S one of the safest Bitcoin wallets in the world. Not only is the hardware device shockproof, waterproof, tamper-proof, and extreme temperature resistant, but it also offers facial recognition through iOS and uses a highly secure element to store private keys.

At $99, CoolWallet S’ price fits in between the prices of the Nano X and Nano S wallets. However, it supports a significantly lower number of coins and tokens, so you should only opt for this wallet if you are after the most popular cryptocurrencies. The iPhone Bitcoin wallet gives you access to your private keys and a password recovery option. In addition, navigating through the app and initiating transactions is easy and straightforward.

CoolWallet S Pros:

  1. Extremely secure iOS wallet
  2. Connects via Bluetooth and NFC
  3. Fits in your wallet

CoolWallet S Cons:

  1. The device must be carried with you to access the mobile wallet
  2. Not free, but good value for money
  3. Supports a significantly lower number of coins and tokens

6. Exodus Wallet

Exodus wallet on mobiles

The Exodus Wallet is a software wallet that uses your digital Apple device to enhance security. In fact, when you access Exodus through your iPad or iPhone wallet app you will be able to activate fingerprint or face recognition as a way to authenticate your identity.

As most Bitcoin wallets for iOS, Exodus lets you conveniently send and receive around 100 coins. The app has a minimalist design that is easy and simple to navigate through. This is important especially due to the numerous tools available in this mobile wallet. In fact, Exodus lets you convert cryptocurrencies directly from its in-built exchange. You cannot, however, buy or sell digital coins using fiat currency.

Downloading and setting up Exodus is completely free of charge. This Bitcoin wallet is best for experienced users since it provides access to private keys that, if lost, can result in funds becoming inaccessible. Users must create a seed phrase for each asset, and this is the last way to recover your funds if you lose your password.

Exodus Wallet Pros:

  1. Free to download and set up
  2. Easy to use
  3. Good choice of coins

Exodus Wallet Cons:

  1. Users solely responsible for passcodes protection
  2. Conversion charges relatively higher than alternatives

7. Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase wallet UI on phone

Coinbase Wallet is a standalone Bitcoin wallet for iOS that is backed by the global cryptocurrency broker and exchange platform. Contrary to what some may think, you do not need to open a Coinbase account in order to download and use the wallet. You do, however, get to enjoy the superior safety and functional tools developed for the regulated mother company.

Although Wallet Coinbase is very easy to use, it features several advanced options, including an integrated DApp browser. This lets users interact with Ethereum-based Decentralised Applications (DApps). The wallet gives you access to around 100 coins and lets you carry out currency conversions by linking to decentralised exchange platforms.

Coinbase Wallet is free to download and set up and offers low transaction fees. Whilst private keys are stored within the wallet, the user does not have access to them. In most cases, this is a minor inconvenience that leads to simpler recovery options.

Coinbase Wallet Pros:

  1. Backed by a regulated cryptocurrency exchange
  2. Easy to use
  3. Provides in-app cryptocurrency conversions

Coinbase Wallet Cons:

  1. Not as secure as cold storage wallets
  2. No private key access

8. Trustology

Trustoloy UI on laptop and iPhone

Trustology is a newcomer Bitcoin wallet for iOS that offers a unique fee and benefits structure. Its free version provides a secure iPhone wallet with a cap on the total value of stored assets. This version also puts a cap on the number of outgoing transactions and provides access to DApps.

Two monthly premium subscriptions provide you with an increased range of benefits and higher caps. In addition, you also benefit from insurance against funds lost through fraud, which isn’t found in all Bitcoin wallets.

Trustology’s iOS wallet, better known as the TrustVault, provides a user-friendly interface to manage your cryptocurrencies. Whilst this makes it ideal for beginners, its advanced integration options make it a favourite amongst seasoned users and developers as well. In fact, its only significant limitation is a very small number of supported coins.

Trustology Pros:

  1. Funds are secured and insured
  2. Free and low-cost subscriptions available
  3. Advanced integrations available

Trustology Cons:

  1. Limited number of supported coins
  2. No private key access

9. Indacoin Wallet

Indacoin wallet UI showing on both laptop and mobile devices

The Indacoin Wallet has been developed by the well-known cryptocurrency exchange and lets users convert and buy Bitcoin directly from the iOS app. Although this function is certainly useful, the wallet has a reputation for bugs. In addition, users complain about higher fees and poor service.

Indacoin Wallet requires users to create a 4-digit PIN and your wallet can be recovered using your mobile phone number. Furthermore, it is not possible to get access to your private key. This wallet is a hot wallet and lacks the advanced security features offered by other wallets in this list. It supports over 100 cryptocurrencies and is free to download and set up.

Indacoin Pros:

  1. Free to use and set up
  2. It provides access to a good selection of coins
  3. Lets you buy and trade cryptocurrencies via cards

Indacoin Cons:

  1. Transaction fees are comparatively expensive
  2. Low security

Bitcoin Storage Recommendations 

No matter which one of these Bitcoin wallets for iOS you ultimately choose, you need to remember that ultimately, safety is always your responsibility. You should never share private keys, passwords or seed phrases with anyone you do not trust with your funds. Taking security steps after being hacked may be too late.

Whilst iPhone and iPad wallets may not be the safest in the industry, they are still safer than some other types of wallets. This is especially true when they are paired with a hardware wallet, thus only being online for a short period of time. Other important safety tips include:

  • Never store large values in your iOS wallet
  • Back up recovery seeds and passcodes on paper and store them safely
  • Activate all security and authentication options available
  • Use a VPN to connect your mobile wallet to the Internet

By enacting these safety tips you are less likely to get hacked or to lose access to your cryptocurrencies. At the same time, you will enjoy the functionalities and mobility of these apps, which according to us, are the current best iPhone Bitcoin wallets available for iOS devices.

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