Top 6 Cheapest Bitcoin Wallets With Low Fees

Here is our recommended Crypto Wallets With Lowest Fees: Wallet – crypto wallet with lowest fees that implements a dynamic fee structure; Bitcoin Core Wallet – users set the BTC network fee themselves; Coinbase Wallet – free between Coinbase users; Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet – the fees payable lies with the user; Armory Wallet – […]

6 Best Altcoin Wallets To Use In 2022

Why is Choosing the Best Altcoin Wallet so Important? Soon after Bitcoin was invented, Altcoins started appearing around the world. The premise of each coin’s success was that it improved upon Bitcoin’s protocol. For example, Ethereum took the concept of Blockchain and introduced a decentralised platform where anyone can develop custom apps. Litecoin, meanwhile, is […]

Best Multi Cryptocurrency Wallets In 2022

What are Multi Cryptocurrency Wallets? A multi currency wallet is simply a wallet that can store a variety of coins and tokens. Whilst Bitcoin is generally supported across most wallets, different Altcoins and ICO tokens are not so easily stored. In fact, it can be very difficult to find storage platforms or devices ready to […]

5 Best Hardware Wallets (2022 Update)

How to Choose the Best Hardware Wallet? Without a doubt, like any purchasing decision, choosing the best hardware wallet takes time and research. Moreover, considering other deciding factors such as price and whether it’s targeted towards novice or seasoned traders is also vital. Here are our top hardware storage picks for you: Ledger Nano X […]

Best Token Wallets (DApps) in 2021

Best DApp Wallets Our 6 picks for the best DApp wallets include: Ledger Nano S – Best for security and multi-currencies; Trezor – Best for trading and exchanging funds; Coinbase Wallet – Best for user-friendly design & easy navigation; MetaMask – Best for Ethereum-based tokens; MyEtherWallet – Best from free wallet alternatives; Guarda Wallet – […]

Best Bitcoin Cash Wallets

Why Do You Need a Bitcoin Cash Wallet? Since the hard fork in 2017, Bitcoin Cash has remained one of the largest cryptocurrencies. For much of 2021, Bitcoin Cash has been ranked as the TOP10 largest cryptocurrency by market cap. The only cryptocurrencies which have consistently remained ahead of it were Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. […]

Best IOTA Wallets in 2022

Why invest in an IOTA wallet? IOTA is different from most other cryptocurrencies with its underlying technology being based on a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) instead of a blockchain. Securing it is still as important as with any other cryptocurrency. With IOTA being a relatively recently released project as well as having a different technology, […]

Ripple Wallet Reviews (XRP Cryptocurrency) in 2022

Why invest in a Ripple wallet? Ripple’s XRP cryptocurrency provides a low-cost liquidity solution aimed at emerging markets. XRP overtook Ethereum back in November 2018 as the largest altcoin by market cap. For a long time, the cryptocurrency has caught the interest of investors with many seeing it as a major contender to disrupt how […]

Best Ethereum Wallets

Why invest in a Ethereum wallet? Large numbers of Ethereum-based tokens have been launched with a host of different functions and leveraging Ethereum’s blockchain technology in different ways. Decentralized applications (DApps) have also been built on top of Ethereum further expanding the ecosystem. Security is another extremely important factor to take into account. How the […]

Safest Bitcoin Wallets In 2022

Why invest in a Bitcoin wallet? There is always the issue that if you don’t control your Bitcoin in your own wallet, it is not really your Bitcoin. You may believe that the Bitcoin you leave on an exchange is yours but if the exchange gets hacked, the Bitcoin will likely not be retrieved. In […]