Chapter 7. Putting it all Together

As you reach the final chapter, your knowledge of cryptocurrencies should be far greater than when you started. You should now have access to the tools to trade cryptocurrencies and have a much better idea on how to analyse them. But cryptocurrencies still are an extremely risky asset.

Chapter 6. Investing Like an Expert in Cryptocurrencies

As traders and investors progress in cryptocurrencies, there are more advanced techniques that they can apply to attempt to enhance their returns. However, these techniques also represent more risk and are only applied by those with sufficient experience. We cover these techniques in this chapter. The techniques include shorting, leverage trading, derivatives, arbitrage, lending, masternodes, […]

Chapter 5. Advancing with Analysis

In this chapter, we are going to cover two of the most used tools when analysing investments. These are technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Technical analysis refers to the study of historical data to forecast the direction of the market. It uses price data along with derivatives of price data to make investment and trading […]

Chapter 4. Investment 101

Now you have made your first purchase but you want to get more involved. You would like to participate more in the market to try and capitalise on the fluctuations and to identify projects that really interest you. It can be a scary experience doing this in cryptocurrencies. In the last chapter, we provided a […]

Chapter 3. Making your First Step

Okay, so you are starting to understand cryptocurrencies and their unique properties. You have decided that you want to include them in your portfolio, but you are overflooded with all the options. What to buy, where to buy them, and where to store them. This chapter will will walk you step-by-step through making your first […]

Chapter 2. Understanding The Cryptocurrency Market

The cryptocurrency market has undergone an extraordinary evolution. Starting as an obscure digital currency worked on by a tiny community, it has progressed into an asset which many take as a serious consideration for their portfolio, business operations, or personal use. Capitalization is valued around $210 Billion US dollars at the time of writing (Q4 […]

Chapter 1. Bitcoin for Beginners

Many professionals are venturing into cryptocurrency from diverse backgrounds. The growing industry is opening an increasing amount of business opportunities and a lot of people are finding that their skills can be put to use in this early industry. But some lack the necessary knowledge to get started and take those crucial first steps. Whether […]