Trade.Com Highlight Their Oil Options

Those keeping up will know that the oil price is at one of the lowest it has ever been. As such, have taken the opportunity to highlight their options for trading black gold.

We know that the oil situation has been on-going for the last few weeks. Initially, it was caused by an oil mining race between Saudi Arabia and Russia. However, last week, a deal was struck that had hoped to slow the price drop in oil which saw it reach some of its lowest prices in more than two decades. However, that has done little to slow the price drop, as of yet. As such, it is an interesting time to look into the oil situation.

One such place that this can be done is Trade.Com who have drawn attention to their oil options via Facebook. In a new Facebook post, they write, “Oil prices sink into the negative for the first time in history, as demand is completely wiped out. This comes as we reach expiry date on futures contracts and people are in effect being paid to store the black gold. Speculate on Oil prices, by trading CFD” on their platform.

Visit their website now to start doing so.