Second CoinEx Anniversary Promotion Begins Today

The second of three promotions to celebrate CoinEx’s second birthday as an exchange platform has today gone live.

We detailed the news of the CoinEx 2nd Anniversary Celebration’s on Thursday. In this article, we made our users aware of a series of new updates that have been going on at the platform, as well as letting you know about the first of three scheduled promotions that will be ongoing over the next couple of weeks at CoinEx.

We told you we would keep you updated as the others unravelled, and Today, the second of the three promotions have officially gone live and so is now ready for you to start participating in it. This promotion is called the Grid Trading Competition and will be hosted by a partnership between CoinEx & Coin919.

The event will be applicable to users who make use of Coin919’s Grid Strategy and will get rewards that will be reflective of the rankings. These ranks are based on their monthly yields and their trading values respectively. During this period the Coin919 Grid Strategy can be used for free, with those who come out at the end of the competition, with CET prizes distributed to those who have performed the best. With a prize pool somewhere in the range of 600,000 being up for grabs.

With the tournament panning out as follows “users who trade on CoinEx by Coin919 software with a continuous running time of 12H and the total trading volume with over 200 USD (e.g. self-trading, scalping are invalid), can get 300 CET and Coin919 Points worth 15USD. These 100 rewards are given away on a first-come-first-served basis. Each CoinEx & Coin919 account is available to get rewards once”.

You should head over to their platform and speak to their customer supper agents for more information about this. The competition will be kicking off today, 28th December, at 16:00 and will run until, 15:59 Jan 10, 2020 (UTC).

Remember also you still have until January 3rd to get involved in the first promotion of the anniversary celebrations, details of which can be found on our previous post on Thursday. Plus, make sure you come back here the day before in order to get information about the third and final part of the competition.

More New CoinEx listings

As well as the aforementioned promos, the launch of new token listings have also been ongoing at CoinEx also. 2 Days ago they listed the token of the Matic Network, MATIC, while ENJ is due to go live for trading today with a special trading competition attached to it.

MATIC as a token can implement generalised off-chain smart contracts, while also being able to be used to pay for transactions. The network is also a big contributor to Ethereum and the token has heavy use cases in the PoS mechanism It. can be used to participate in PoS on a sidechain network and pay transaction and mining fees to PoS beneficiaries, among various other uses.

Enjin has a very different use case and is more focused on the world of online gaming with a focus on 250,000 gaming community associations, including e-sports teams, gaming clans and RPG groups, among many others. With the bragging 18.7 million registered players on the platform and about 60 million monthly global gamer visitors, making it the largest online gaming community creation platform.

ENJ is Enjin’s token and will live later today for deposits, with full trading to be enabled on New Year’s Eve with ENJ/BTC ENJ/USDT pairs made available. The trading event pans out as follows;

“CoinEx users with a net deposit of every 2000 ENJ can get a reward of 100 CET for each (max. 1500 CET). CoinEx will give away 100,000 CET in total on a first-come-first-served basis.”

To start participating in all these elements now live at CoinEx, go to the platform here.