Poloniex Margin Trading is Expanding

Poloniex have been busy this week promoting their new margin trading service on their Twitter page.

Margin trading became the must-have feature on exchange platforms last year, with many different platforms adding the feature – one of which was Poloniex. This week saw a lot more additions their version of margin trading and they have been very vocal about their improvements on their social media pages so far this week.

The first way they have improved their margin trading is by improving their usability via new margin views being made available in their Activity section. This has thus seen positions, loans and lending fees being put all in place to make managing your assets easier. While in terms of what you can trade on their platform, they have also expanded these a great deal with plenty of new pairs being added to the service this week also.

For full details about all these new features and ways to trade, you should go to their website now where they have a guide to their margin trading. However, you can also get a broad overview of how margin trading works by reading our own guide.