Let’s Anonymize the World is The New Blockchain Startup Bet

Let’s Anonymize the World is The New Blockchain Startup Bet

“Surveillance is over,” Nym Technologies manifests in its website to show what its bet is on a new cryptocurrency and blockchain protocol based on the anonymity of users.

Nym Technology is a startup backed by Binance Labs that is working to create protocols and software to enhance privacy above everything.

The startup is now starting the proof-of-concept phase in Binance labs following a previous 10-week incubation program. “Let the present order tremble at a cryptographic revolution. The users have nothing to lose but their chains. We have a world to win.”

The Nym protocol is an open infrastructure based on a mix network system that is looking to anonymise the world. “Nym is a project to break surveillance’s stranglehold on the internet.”

“The Internet today is vulnerable to the profit-driven surveillance of users by corporations,” the website’s manifesto says.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies to anonymize the world

“The purpose of Nym is to develop the infrastructure necessary to give the oppressed the freedom to communicate and organise without giving up on privacy,” the company proclaims.

The Nym ecosystem offers a platform for developers to build systems that protect and respect public privacy. According to a note written by Harry Halpin, CTO, and Elijah Sparrow, CEO; “Our core building blocks include unlinkable authentication, zero-knowledge attestation, privacy-respecting reputation, and anonymous payments.”

“For our first product,” company leaders follow, “we are building a multi-currency wallet with very high protection for on-chain and network-level metadata.”

The wallet, built by Autonomous Polytechnics Group, a partner, is a cross-platform experimental platform supporting Mimblewinble, and other privacy-enhanced cryptocurrencies such as Monero and Zcash.

“The wallet supports the mixnet automatically by default to provide privacy on the p2p level,” says the website.

Is privacy essential? Iness Ben Guirat, a Tunisian activist, remembers what happened seven years ago during the Tunisian revolution time. “People were killed tortured and put in jail because they were relying on insecure tools to communicate and organise the movement.

“Everyone, but most importantly activists, have an urgent need for a revolutionary project like NYM where we can communicate without fear,” Ben Guirat affirmed.

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