Kraken Announce Latest Listing, Nano

Kraken Announce Latest Listing, Nano

The latest token to be listed on Kraken, Nano, went live earlier today.

The San Francisco-based exchange platform announced the news of the latest addition to their platform just hours before it went live for trading. The concept for Nano is quite simple, make payments cheaper than before and offer instantaneous peer-to-peer payments without fees.

As such, it is a simple concept but one with clear benefits for the user. However, while that is the predominant aim of the token, there are other benefits and features it offers to those who choose to utilise it.

What Else Does Nano Offer

For one, Nano uses a novel, block-lattice data structure which essentially provides each user with their own blockchain, which monitors the owner’s transaction and balance history. The transactions are both instant and asynchronous by not waiting on other block intervals.

However, these transactions will then be later recorded to the network at large, where it is formally recorded. On average the cost of a whole transaction will as low as $0.002, the cost of electricity that conducts the transaction.

Nano’s History

In theory, Nano just celebrated its 4th birthday, as it was launched back in October 2015, then under the name Raiblocks. However, it was revamped and rebranded into Nano early last year. As such, the concept has a wealth of experience behind it and is a token that has proven to have lasted the test of time.

Naturally, due to its longitude in the industry, it has ridden a varied price wave. Just before it was rebranded, it saw its all-time high of close to $37, with its all-time low being recorded nearly a year prior to this, $0.006658 USD. However, it is currently closer to the latter, valued at $0.863672 USD. And so, it is a very cost-efficient token to purchase.

If you would like to purchase Nano, you should be able to already via pairs NANO/USD, NANO/EUR, NANO/XBT, NANO/ETH as deposits and withdrawals went live at 13:30 UTC earlier today and trading was scheduled to occur after this. If you are interested you can get involved on the Kraken, Kraken Pro, and OTC networks.

Why Not Trade on Kraken Pro Crypto Trading App

Of course, this is the latest in a long line of coins added to Kraken such as Omise Go and PaxG which were listed earlier this months.

However, another large update to their service was the launch of the Kraken Pro trading app. This went live last week and provides traders with an easier to use than ever before service which is sure to make trading Nano, as well as these other latest additions to their trading platform.  At a glance, Kraken has unveiled 20 features of using the newly launched app.

100+ Live Crypto Markets, which includes:

  • Blazing fast WebSockets and real-time price updates
  • Multiple charting and order book display options
  • Intuitive depth chart and recent trade history
  • Colourized sparklines and change% overtime for each currency

Advanced Trading Features:

  • The option to long or short on 8 different cryptocurrencies with up to 5x with margin trading
  • Open and close your positions in bulk with just a few taps
  • Advanced order types and conditional close parameters to automatically set a stop-loss or take-profit on any position
  • Set start and expiry times to customize when your orders are placed or cancelled
  • Custom fee payment options allow you to pay in fiat or crypto for each order

As well as these features for trading, Kraken has promised that this new Pro app allows others possibilities to their users. Which include the ability to:

  • access a complete history of all orders, trades, positions, deposits and withdrawals
  • Visualize your past trades or current open orders directly on the chart
  •  current balances for each asset, in your preferred quote currency 

Furthermore, the app offers,

  • A deep and liquid set of 100+ cryptocurrency markets
  • Fees as low as 0% 
  • 24/7/365 global customer support

Head over to Kraken now to trade Nano, or download the app from the Play Store or App Stores and trade it while on the go.

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