CoinEx Announce Chain Nodes Election Competition

CoinEx is celebrating the latest addition to their service with a competition that will see prizes worth  15,000,000 CET become up for grabs!

As you may already have CoinEx are currently in the process of setting up the CoinEx Chain, a service that promises eventually to see the launch of the new decentralised exchange platform. In the spirit of this, yesterday saw the first of several CoinEx Chain Nodes Election Launch Conference. The purpose of which is to generate hype and support for the launch of the new service which is reaching its final stages.

While this is all well and good for industry professionals, the firm didn’t want to leave the CoinEx community out of the loop. With this in mind, they have announced a competition that has multi-faceted benefits for all involved. The first of these is inherent to any competition in that, it will see some very impressive prizes up for grabs. Which is always nice.

However, it will allow users their first glimpse of the service and what will be on offer when it eventually goes live. Plus, of course, for CoinEx, will help raise the profile of its impending launch also. With all this considered, there is plenty to gain all-around from this exciting little competition they are hosting.

The Competition

The new concept of the competition revolves around a nodes pre-election. During this time, users will be able to familiarise themselves with the process that this entails, by participating within it.

The event will ask those who hold CET to vote for nodes in the pre-election. The reward for doing so will be prizes, of which these are quite literally millions. With the competition seeing users get the opportunity to win more than 15 million CET in total.

The way the competition is very simple, with it being just a two-step process that kicked off yesterday so you can get involved in it already. The competition pans out, as defined by CoinEx, as follows:

Step 1: The users will be able to draw a number of times after they vote for the nodes in the pre-election. One draw for every 20,000 votes, and they will have to stake the same amount of CET. For example: if you want to give 20,000 votes you will need to stake 20,000 CET and then receive one draw.

Step 2: The users can participate in the draw on the page once they are qualified for it.

The Prizes

As such, there is an element to risk in the process, but the more you risk the more chances you get to get your hands on the prizes that the competition has up for grabs for those who dare.

  • 3 Winners Will Win – BTC x 3
  • 10 Winners Will Win an iPhone 11 Pro Max (512, Midnight Green
  • 15 Winners Will Win CET x 50000
  • 60 Winners Will Win BCH x 2
  • 5000 Winners Will Win CET x 500
  • 500 Winners Will Win a CoinEx-designed Product
  • 1000 Winners Will Win CET x 100
  • And finally, 25,0000 Winners Will Win CET x 10

As such, there is plenty of goodies up for grabs and plenty of opportunity to win, with the more you choose to get involved the higher probability of walking away with something awesome. Plus, there is still plenty of time to get involved with the competition running on November 10th, 2019.  

However, you want to start getting involved nice and early in order to hedge your bets and make the most of the competition and get those top prizes. Head over to CoinEx to learn more about the competition are get involved in the pre-election ahead of the big launch.