CEX.io has been ranked a top-tier exchange

CEX.io has been ranked a top-tier exchange

In new rankings reflective of a study recently published, CEX.io has been ranked as a top-tier exchange.

An impressive achievement considering that they were matched up against 164 other crypto exchanges. In the survey where the exchanges were ranked methodologically based on 64 qualitative and quantitative metrics, CEX managed to achieve a 16th place ranking, overall. Thus, outpacing 148 other participants in the survey and highlighting them as a top-tier exchange.

The study was made in order to help users find the highest quality, lowest risk, and most reliable trading platforms in the industry. As such, it is a significant testament to the platform and their eligibility for use among would-be traders of cryptocurrencies. As opposed to liquidity and trading volume the research took a different approach, focusing on quality based on a broad due diligence check, among various other aspects.

Below is an overview of the results that CEX recorded in the research made by the study,

  • Legal/regulation (20%) — Registration, KYC/AML procedures, sanctions compliance statement, etc.
  • Data provision (20%) — Average API response time, historical candlestick data, WebSocket connection, etc.
  • Security (20%) — SSL rating, cold wallet usage, 2FA, custody provision, etc.
  • Team/exchange (15%) — Identities of top management, years of experience, etc.
  • Investment (5%) — Funding by large VCs, smaller VCs, established non-crypto companies
  • Trade monitoring (5%) — Market surveillance, conducted internally or via a formal external provider
  • Market quality (15%)— Average spread, liquidity, stability, etc.
  • Penalty factor: negative reports (-5%) — Flash crash, legal case or large breach of data privacy

If you are now looking for join a crypto platform, or are looking to change then CEX.io have clearly now established themselves as one of the top 20 in the world. Plus, as they come up to their 6th birthday they have certainly lasted the test of time also. Head over to their now to learn more.

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