CEX Announce Creativity Awards For Users

CEX Announce Creativity Awards For Users

To celebrate their 6th year of operation, CEX.io are giving users the chance to win prizes by sharing their creativity with the platform.

This event will see them reward their users for the loyalty they have shown over their history simply for sharing their creative prowess with the exchange. The concept is quite simple – submit an example of your creativity to the platform and if you impress their team you will win yourself a portion of BTC as a reward. With the focus of the awards being a means by which to celebrate this significant moment in the company’s history.

What is determined by CEX as apt to qualify for this event includes “everything from writing articles to making memes”, but a full list of the categories and explained by CEX as follows:

  • “Infographics: If you are an infographic type of person, make an awesome visual! For example, we would love to see an infographic about CEX.IO in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. 
  • Vector mages: If you can draw a cute doodle or design an interesting character, invent a next CEX.IO mascot that will represent the exchange! Or take it a level further and create the whole sticker set!
  • Memes or gifs: If your inner troll can generate some fun ideas for memes or gifs, knock yourself out and make the whole series describing how it is to be a CEX.IO user! 
  • Articles: If you have something to say, write original and thoughtful pieces about CEX.IO and our role in the industry at large. We want to see in-depth analyses, insightful observations, research-based forecasts, and everything that will make us exclaim “Hmm, haven’t thought about it that way!”
  • Videos: If standing in front of a camera or making a moving picture is your thing, nothing like a captivating high-quality video! A well-thought-out monologue, an animation, or even an Epic Rap Battle, are all things we would LOVE to see!
  • Art: Anything can be a piece of art. An interesting installation, a 3D design, a poem, a meaningful photograph related to CEX.IO!”

However, this is not the by all and end-all of what you can submit and the platform with them stating there is no limitation of what you can submit either, with the only prerequisite being that it needs to have CEX as a brand at its core.

The winners of the competition will then be judged based on the quality of the work they submit to the CEX, with their team evaluating the project and seeing if it deserves the prizes available. There are few straightforward elements by which you need to abide, for example, no plagiarism or cut and past, with the full eligibility being outlined by the platform on their website

The top 20 entrants are successful will stand to win the following prizes.

  • 1st place: $500 worth of BTC 
  • 2nd place: $300 worth of BTC
  • 3rd place: $200 worth of BTC 
  • 4th place: $100 worth of BTC
  •  5th- 15th places: $30 worth of BTC each
  • 16th-25th places: $20 worth of BTC each.

Who must enter via the following steps:

1: Share this poster on any of your social with a link to the promotional post and required image (found on their website).

2: Join their Telegram group 

3: Create your awesome original content.

4: Submit it via a direct submission button on the website.

This opportunity runs up until December 8th on which date qualifying posts will be shared on their social media with the option to upvote on their Telegram. They will then take several days to evaluate the entries with the 4 most upvoted being entered into a wild card round.  

These will be entered into the top prize shortlist by where exactly will be determined by a Final Vote. With it all culminating with the winner announced on Monday, December 16th, just in time for Christmas! Good Luck!

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