Best Crypto Credit Cards List

What Are Crypto Credit Cards?

Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm and it has revolutionalized the financial sector and further laid an argument for cryptocurrency as the future global currency. There are now several things you can do with cryptocurrencies. You can trade, invest and exchange for goods and services. Another innovation that cryptocurrency has brought about is crypto credit cards.

Crypto credit cards operate more like fiat currency credit cards as they allow you to spend cryptocurrencies and earn rewards in cryptocurrency. They are the latest innovation that has followed the advent of cryptocurrency. The credit card rewards serve as incentives for using the crypto credit cards and have allowed them to gain more acceptance in the crypto space. The benefits of crypto credit cards are enjoyed by various crypto enthusiasts. From the cryptocurrency person who is finally ready to try his hands on cryptocurrency but does not have enough risk appetite to try it out, to those already into crypto who believe in the longevity of digital currency and its potential growth in relevance and value.

While the crypto cards concept is similar to that of fiat currency cards, they have some distinguishing features you must understand to be able to differentiate how they both work. Here are some of the differences:

Crypto credit cardsFiat currency cards
They connect a crypto payment processor with your crypto wallet to pay for your purchasesThey connect the merchant directly to your bank account to pay for your purchases
Minimal transaction fees are chargedMultiple transaction fees are charged
You get rewards for using your cardsYou do not get rewards for using your cards
You pay off your balance with cryptocurrencyYou pay up your balance with fiat currency
No annual fees chargedAnnual fees are charged
Rebates are paid in cryptocurrencies or tokensRebates are paid in fiat money
You have access to different cryptocurrencies at the same time. You do not need to convert from one cryptocurrency to the other to spend them.You only have access to the fiat money saved in your account. If you want another currency, your bank will convert the currency to the equivalent of your preferred fiat currency.
Withdrawal limit depends on the crypto card issuer exchange and the type of cryptocurrencyWithdrawal cash limits for fiat currency may range from $300 to $5,000 per day
They automatically convert the crypto you want to spend into the preferred fiat currency, using the current market valueYou can only use the fiat currency in your bank account to pay. There is no automatic conversion
They are linked to a securely encrypted crypto walletThey are linked to bank apps

Difference Between Crypto Credit Cards and Crypto Debit Cards

Cryptocurrency is now an accepted form of currency in the financial market. It has been recognized by big firms and some of the cryptocurrencies are now being accepted for products and services.

One of the ways in which you can make payments for your purchases is through crypto cards. There are crypto credit cards, just as there are crypto debit cards. Both have their functions and features that separate them but they are similar in that they can be used to purchase products and services, provided the product or service provider recognizes and accepts the cryptocurrency you want to use in paying. Both types of cards are similar to the traditional cards used for fiat currency. Like the traditional cards, there are differences between the two cards that should help you decide on which to go for. Some of the differences include:

  1. Top Up – If you own a crypto debit card, you will need to top up your account before you can use it for payments. This is often done via a website or an app. On the other hand, a crypto credit card does not require a top-up before you can use it for payments.
  2. Availability – Currently, users have access to more crypto debit cards than crypto credit cards. The reason being that crypto debit cards came out before crypto credit cards. Crypto credit cards are just gaining acceptance.
  3. Access to a Line of Credit – This is a major difference between these crypto cards. Crypto credit cards offer you a line of credit you can spend from to pay back later. While with crypto debit cards, you can only spend what is in your crypto wallet.
  4. Balance – Crypto debit cards require holders to have a balance of crypto funds in their wallet before they can spend from it. This means that there must be a dedicated crypto wallet attached to the crypto debit card. Some crypto credit cards, on the other hand, do not require you to have a balance or a dedicated wallet attached to your crypto credit card.  

Pros and Cons of Crypto Credit Cards

For every advantage, there is a disadvantage. Here are some of the pros and cons of a crypto credit card that will guide your decision in getting one.


  • Foundation to Crypto Investing – For potential crypto investors, crypto credit cards are a great way to start your crypto journey. It helps you avoid the need for different currency exchanges to buy or sell and you may even avoid purchase commissions.
  • Similar to Traditional Credit Cards – The similarity of crypto credit cards to traditional credit cards makes them easier to use. The only difference is that they are linked to a securely encrypted crypto wallet as against banking apps. Basically, it is a concept you are already familiar with, which makes it easier to use.
  • Potential High Reward – Credit cards mean that you have access to a credit line that you can pay back later. However, with crypto credit cards, the more you spend, the higher your crypto earnings and rewards. So, if you enjoy huge payoffs, even if the probability is low and the downside risk is high, the crypto rewarding credit cards are your best bet. You can check out some of the best crypto credit cards for a variety of rewards.
  • Cross Border Transaction – Cryptocurrencies are cross-border currencies you can spend anywhere in the world with a universal value determined by the dictates of the financial market. What this means is that you can use crypto credit cards to purchase anything anywhere. You can just swipe and your crypto funds will be converted into the preferred fiat currency of the merchant.
  • Potential Increase in Reward – Another plus on crypto credit cards is that your cryptocurrency rewards have the potential of increasing in value. It goes hand in hand with the value of the cryptocurrency in the market.
  • Options of Different Cryptocurrencies – There are different types of crypto credit cards you can own. All crypto credit cards allow you to trade with different cryptocurrencies. Some of the cards have as many as 40 compatible cryptocurrencies you can spend with.


  • High Transaction Fees – Like the traditional credit cards, crypto credit cards could be relatively expensive to maintain. It is important to know all the accompanying fees of your crypto credit card because they could add up and become a problem for you. Some of the fees charged include issuance fee, conversion fee, and delivery fee.
  • Market Volatility – Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that is subject to the happenings of a typical financial market (also know as volatility). While there is a potential for an increase in the value of your assets, there is also the investment risk. What this means for your crypto credit card is that if there is a dip in the market, you may have to spend more crypto funds to complete your transaction.
  • Card Type Restrictions – One major disadvantage of that your type of crypto credit card may not be accepted in a particular region. Some crypto credit cards are usually limited to users in specific areas.
  • Taxes – Capital gains tax will be taxed on any cryptocurrency sales you make with your crypto credit card.

Best Crypto Credit Card Rewards

There are several crypto rewards you can earn with your crypto credit card. It all depends on the type of card you own. Here are some of the best crypto credit card rewards you can earn with your card:

  • Cash Rebates – These are rewards in form of a percentage on your purchases. The percentage varies, depending on the type of crypto credit card you own. It could also be a flat rate percentage on every purchase or it may depend on the category of your purchase.
  • Sign up Bonus – Some crypto credit cards offer cash rewards when you open an account and fund your card. You can also convert the funds into any cryptocurrency of your choice that is offered by your credit card issuer.
  • Cryptocurrency Rewards – You can also earn cryptocurrencies as a reward directly from your purchases. Some of the best crypto cards offer specific cryptocurrency rewards, while others offer a variety of cryptocurrencies as a reward.
  • Interest Accumulation – Another reward you can earn on your crypto credit card is interest. Some crypto credit card issuers allow you earn interest on your cryptocurrency holdings. The interest is usually determined by your credit card issuer.
  • Percentages Earnings on Milestone Purchases – This is a type of reward that requires you earn a percentage after you hit a milestone of purchases. For example, your credit card issuer may offer you a 3% reward when you spend up to $40,000.
  • Referral Bonus – This is a type of reward you get when you refer a friend to use a particular type of crypto credit card. It all depends on the credit card issuer.

Where Can I Get A Crypto Credit Card?

To enjoy the benefits of crypto credit cards, you need to apply for one. You can apply for your crypto card from a cryptocurrency exchange. The prerequisites for getting your crypto credit card are a digital wallet and an account, usually of the cryptocurrency exchange. Some terms and conditions apply, as well as fees.

Can You Buy Crypto with A Crypto Credit Card?

The answer is Yes, you can buy cryptocurrency with your crypto credit card. The essence of a credit card is to get an advance for whatever you want to purchase, in this case, cryptocurrencies. An advantage of using a crypto credit card is that you can always pay it back with your crypto earnings. You may not be able to purchase every cryptocurrency with your crypto card. It all depends on your crypto credit card issuer. There are other transaction fees you should be aware of before purchasing.

Best Crypto Credit Cards

There are numerous crypto credit cards you can apply for in order to continue your spending while you earn interest and other rewards. Here is a list of the best crypto credit cards you can own. These cards are also rated on a scale of 1 to 5.

#1 Visa

This is one of the first crypto credit cards to ever surface. There are several rewards that you can get from the use of this card. ATM withdrawals are free, with no annual fee and a 100% cashback return on some of your favorite subscriptions such as Netflix and Spotify. It is available in the UK and it gets a rating of 5. crypto credit card tiers
No feesYou are required to use tokens
100% cashback on entertainment subscriptionsComplex platform for new users
Compatible with a wide variety of cryptocurrencies.Limited consumer resources

#2 Gemini

With a Gemini crypto credit card, you earn rewards on up to 30 different cryptocurrencies. It is created by MasterCard and issued by WebBank. There are no exchange fees and no annual fees charged on a Gemini crypto card. It is available in the UK and it gets a rating of 5.

gemini crypto credit card
Multiple reward structuresCurrently waitlisted
You can use anywhere MasterCard is acceptedFees can add up
No guaranteed exchange

#3 Coinbase Visa

Coinbase is a leading cryptocurrency exchange that launched its crypto credit card in 2012. It charges no annual fee and you get to earn rewards in Bitcoin and XLM. It is also compatible with 9 other cryptocurrencies. It is available in the UK and it gets a rating of 4.

coinbase visa
Enhanced card securityHigh transaction fees
Bookkeeping featuresMust open a coinbase account
Can be used in locations where Visa is acceptedJust compatible with 9 cryptocurrencies

#4 Wirex  

This crypto credit card is compatible with more than 150 cryptocurrencies and is accepted in more than 54 million outlets worldwide. It is regarded as an international credit card and one of the best crypto credit cards you can own. You get to enjoy free international ATM withdrawals and no annual fees. It is available in the UK and it gets a rating of 5.

Wirex crypto card
Minimal feesLimited reward structure;
Bitcoin rewardsNative token-based;
Compatible with multiple cryptocurrenciesMust maintain a Wirex WXT balance.

#5 BlockFi  

BlockFi is one of the best crypto credit cards you can own. It has a $0 annual fee with Bitcoin rewards. It offers you the opportunity to accumulate interest on your Bitcoin holdings. You also get a sign-up bonus and no transaction fee. It is available in the UK and it gets a rating of 4.

blockfi visa credit card crypto
Bonus rewards
Limited bitcoin reward
Bitcoin rewardsWaiting period for rewards
Flat 1.5% reward structure

#6 Bitpay

You can use the Bitpay credit card anywhere Visa is accepted. No monthly fee is charged and you are charged 2% on ATM usage. It is only available to US users. Bitpay card gets a rating of 3.

bitpay crypto card
Bitpay credit card can be used worldwideOnly available in the US
Multi-device security for your digital assetsInactive cardholder fee after 90 days
No conversion fees

#7 Nuri

This is a Visa crypto credit card that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. You can get up to 5% interest on your Bitcoin holdings with no issuance fee or ATM withdrawal fees. It is available in the UK and it gets a rating of 4.

nuri crypto landing page
Low fees;Compatible with limited cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin rewardsLow privacy measures

#8 Blockcard

This is a crypto credit card that supports 12 of the top cryptocurrencies. You get to earn TERN tokens when you purchase with the card. There are cashback rewards of up to 6%. It attracts ATM withdrawal fees as well as a monthly fee if you spend more than $750. It is not available in the UK and it gets a 3 rating.

blockcard crypto visa
Cashback rewards
Limited cryptocurrency compatibility
It can be used anywhere Visa is accepted
Monthly fees
There are referral rewardsATM withdrawal fees

#9 Trastra

This is a Visa card you can use anywhere that Visa is accepted and it is compatible with 6 cryptocurrencies. You are charged a monthly fee and an issuance fee on your card. It is not available in the UK and it gets a rating of 2.5.

trastra crypto visa
Low commissionsCompatible with only 6 cryptocurrencies
Instant exchange of crypto assetsLimited geographical compatibility
Multiple fees

 #10 TenX

This is a Visa-supported credit card that also has a virtual card. It currently supports 4 cryptocurrencies and offers no crypto rewards. It is accepted in over 200 countries, excluding the US. It is not available in the UK and it gets a rating of 2.

TenX crypto visa
No forex fees chargedLimited cryptocurrency compatibility
It can be used anywhere Visa is acceptedNo reward structure
It has a virtual card

#11 SoFi

With SoFi, you get a 2% cashback on your purchase with no annual fee or international transaction fee. You earn 2 points on every dollar spent on your card and each point is worth $0.01. It is available in the UK and it gets a rating of 4.

sofi crypto credit card
Lower APR after 12 on-time paymentsHigh balance transfer
2% cashback rewardHigh cash advance fees

#12 Brex Card

This is a MasterCard issued crypto credit card that charges no annual fee. You get 8 points per dollar on your transport spending. There are no personal guarantees required to use this card. It is available in the UK and it gets a rating of 5.

brex credit
No annual feesComplex rewards
Bonus offer for new cardholders
No foreign transaction fees

#13 Venmo

This is a crypto credit card that offers 3% cashback rewards on your top purchase for the month. Although there is no sign-up bonus, there is no annual fee charged. It is compatible with only four cryptocurrencies. Venmo card is not available in the UK and it gets a rating of 3.5.

venmo credit card
You can purchase cryptocurrency with your cashback rewardsNo sign-up bonus
No annual fee and foreign transaction feeCompatible with only 4 cryptocurrencies

#14 Unifimoney

This is a relatively new crypto credit card. It offers no sign-up bonus and charges no annual fee. Those priority beneficiaries of this crypto card are Unifimoney customers. It is available in the UK and it gets a rating of 3.

unifimoney pros
1.5% cashbackNo sign-up bonus
No annual feeStill relatively new

#15 Upgrade Reward Cards

This type of card offers you cashbacks in Bitcoin with a transaction fee on a sale of your Bitcoin. It charges no annual fee and offers no sign-up bonus. It is available in the UK and gets a rating of 3.5.

Upgrade Reward Cards
Cashback in BitcoinNo welcome bonus
No annual feeYou cannot claim your Bitcoin reward for 90 days
Credit line as low as $500


Where Can I Use My Crypto Rewards Credit Card?

You can use your crypto rewards credit card wherever your credit card issuer’s services are accepted. For example, if your credit card issuer is Visa, you can use your crypto credit card rewards with a merchant that accepts Visa card services.

How Do I Choose The Right Crypto Credit Card?

Some of the things you put into considerations when picking your crypto credit card include:
Reward structure;
Number of compatible cryptocurrencies;
Required stake;
Compatible fiat currencies; and
Account linking protocols.

Should I Get A Crypto Credit Card?

If you are looking for a low-risk way of getting into the crypto space, crypto credit cards offer you the opportunity to test the waters. If you are already into crypto. It is a sure way of solidifying your investment. 

Are Crypto Credit Cards Safe?

Crypto credit cards are largely safe, considering it is a new concept gradually gaining acceptance in the crypto space. The blockchain foundation of the cryptocurrency concept has ensured that it is largely safe.