Bitcoin Revolution: The Good The Bad And The Ugly

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Bitcoin Revolution: The Good The Bad And The Ugly

For a few years now, stories of average individuals making a fortune from cryptocurrencies have been circling across the internet and social media pages. Due to their high volatility, digital coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are traded on thousands of exchanges and platforms, with billions of dollars worth bought and sold each day. Moreover, advanced financial instruments have also started to include cryptocurrencies, and you can now trade Bitcoin Contracts for Difference and Bitcoin Futures, amongst many others.

While there are many reputable cryptocurrency guides which can help you trade Bitcoin successfully, many individuals don’t have the time or patience to learn. Bitcoin Revolution promises its users to be a solution to this problem, guaranteeing to simplify trading and helping newbies access this profitable, yet often misunderstood market. But there’s a fine line between a promise and reality. The fact of the matter is that such grey areas confirm how much Bitcoin Revolution is shady in its offerings.

What exactly is Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution is a platform which allows you to trade using a special algorithm which promises to deliver high returns. This algorithm, or groups of algorithms, scour through a series of cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms and make the best deals for the user. According to the platform’s own website, no software is installed on your computer, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve never traded before in your life. But whether this is a responsible and reliable statement to be made is debatable.

User Registration

In order to gain access to this trading platform, you need to start by registering. While the signup process is fast, and trading can take place within seconds, Cryptimi advises potential users to tread with caution and do their necessary research.

bitcoin revolution signup
Screenshots are shown for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary.
  1. Enter your name and email address in the form at the top of the page
  2. Select a password
  3. Enter your mobile number

Once you have entered this information correctly you are shown the main trading interface of Bitcoin Revolution. At this point, you can either proceed to deposit your funds or you can choose to use the platform in demo mode. In demo mode, the platform should behave exactly as it would, had you been using real money, with the only difference being that no funds are at risk.

If you decide to use your own funds for trades, the website will transfer you to the eMarkets Tade broker, which is a partner of Bitcoin Revolution. You can use a variety of debit and credit cards to fund your account, or you can choose to effect a bank transfer. Nevertheless only start your trading journey if you are willing to part ways with the funds you are investing.

The trading platform promises to start producing results for you within hours. Any profits you make are called wins and are yours to re-invest, keep or withdraw. Since the algorithms don’t need your input to function, you can sit back and enjoy the money coming in, that is, if everything works as it should.

Can Bitcoin Revolution be Profitable?

According to the statistics on Bitcoin Revolution website, the trading algorithms have a success rate as high as 99%. This makes them significantly more successful than any human trader or broker, no matter their experience. Nevertheless, all this seems too good to be true, and like many things in life, it is. While the platform is free to use, with no commissions or charges due at any point, there are certainly better and safer options out there. Investors are better off using similar trading bots, such as Bitcoin Loophole and Bitcoin Code.

The minimum deposit amount is $250, and the website states that most traders are earning over $1,000 in profits per day. If this statement is to be believed, then Bitcoin Revolution can certainly be profitable. However, the veracity of such a bold statement doesn’t hold water. The website also publishes several testimonials of persons who have won over $10,000, but what it fails to do, is publicize the amount of losses other users are faced with.

Innovative and Award Winning or a Scam?

Bitcoin Revolution - Testimonials
Screenshots are shown for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary.

According to the Bitcoin Revolution website, the patented algorithm used on the platform has won awards, even though details of these awards are not well-defined – making it look more questionable than reliable.

You can keep track of your trades using the mobile app, and you can always change your trading preferences based on risk level and other criteria. The website clearly states that those using Bitcoin Revolution can look forward to “superior technology”, and “consistent profits”. Yet, all this supposedly ‘get quick rich’ scheme is a little too good to believe.

Since, in many respects, the benefits of using Bitcoin Revolution sound too good to be true, many have been asking whether it is a scam. Online reviews on the platform are mixed, with a significant number stating that they have fell victim to this scam.

The Bitcoin Revolution website shares many common features of scam websites, such as logos of international corporations or trusted providers without any relevant context. Moreover, at the top of the website is a warning that due to demand registration will end in a few minutes. This notice is reset every time you refresh the site.

Advantages Claimed by Bitcoin Revolution

The following advantages of Bitcoin Revolution are only valid if the platform is not a scam. Understandably, if the platform turns out to be a scam there can be absolutely no advantage to using it.

If Bitcoin Revolution fulfils its ambitious promises, there can be numerous advantages to using this software. But the operative word is if. Hypothetically speaking, there can be the following positives:

  • No market analysis necessary – in order to trade markets successfully you need to carry out extensive market analysis and charting, which is time-consuming and difficult. Bitcoin Revolution can replace all that with a trading robot which handles all analyses itself.
  • Full trading automation – trading is automated, so you don’t need to wait for the moment when the market conditions are right. Instead, the software is constantly analysing the markets and will automatically open and close positions in order to maximise your profits.
  • No human emotions – Emotions and uncertainty have often blocked traders from making profitable trades. A trading robot removes the risk of this, making decisions based solely on data.
  • Free to use – Bitcoin Revolution has no charges and is completely free to use. All the funds you win are yours to keep and you can withdraw them at any time.

Disadvantages of Bitcoin Revolution

While this platform does not charge any fees or commissions, putting it ahead of any competition, this is all subject to whether Bitcoin Revolution is a genuine trading platform or not. If it is actually a scam, then there are several disadvantages to using it, including:

  • Losing your money – By depositing funds onto the platform you are unlikely to ever recover them, especially if you send them via bank transfer.
  • Divulging personal data – When you register an account with Bitcoin Revolution you are providing some personal data, including your name, email address and mobile number. Once you have given this information, you have no control what happens to it or whom it is shared with.

Risk Minimization?

Bitcoin Revolution prides itself in being a trading platform that boasts a success rate of 99.4%, where there is very little need to take any risk mitigation precautions. In actual fact, no trade can ever be guaranteed, which is why you should take steps to protect your investment, should you decide to trade your funds on Bitcoin Revolution.

Before any trade is carried out on the platform, it claims that the software analyses the details of the trade and the wider market. By doing this it is able to establish whether the trade will be successful or not, in which case, it will abandon it. According to the website, the software is so efficient that it is able to constantly update itself, even when cryptocurrency prices are highly volatile.

When, or if using Bitcoin Revolution, you should always start by depositing the minimum amount. This is currently set at $250, but this value might change over time. Once you start trading, set aside a percentage of any wins until you successfully withdraw your initial investment. This will ensure that even if you were to lose your funds at a later stage your initial capital is not affected.

In order to avoid the risk of account hacking, Bitcoin Revolution encrypts all incoming and outgoing data. The encryption used is not industry-standard but has been created especially for the platform. This is indeed yet another grey area which should be kept in mind and factored into the decision-making process when investing your funds with Bitcoin Revolution.

Concluding Thoughts

If the Bitcoin Revolution platform promise is to be believed, then it is truly a revolutionary solution. Nevertheless, if you keep in mind that the majority of the positive information seems to come from the website itself, reliability of such claims is something to be kept in mind.

The high profits advertised on the website are rather unbelievable. In fact, many defenders of the platforms admit that a return of $1,000 daily is rare.

Ultimately, the cons of Bitcoin Revolution far outweigh the pros, which to any seasoned trader would automatically scream the word ‘scam’. After all, as with any investment, you should always invest with capital which you can afford to lose. This is why in best practice, you should never expose yourself to more risk than you can handle.

The lack of legitimacy Bitcoin Revolution carries with it proves that it is too high risk for users to compromise their funds in something so dubious. After all, any serious trader should ensure to do a well-rounded research exercise prior to any investment. And, if such research is conducted for Bitcoin Revolution, you will most certainly be able to confirm it seriously lacks any form of validity.

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