Trezor Now Supported on Shapeshift

Exchange platform, Shapeshift have diversified their range of compatible cryptocurrency hardware wallets with the inclusion of Trezor.

With the launch of this new deal, you will now be able to partake in all aspects of trading crypto assets on the platform and then use Trezor as a means to safely and conveniently store them in one place.

The new partnership is matched made in heaven for traders, as both Shapeshift and Trezor have established themselves as market leaders in their respective industries. And now, the pair are together at last, with Shapeshift stating they “truly believe that when a Trezor is connected to the platform, users are provided with an upgraded experience like never before.”

Shapeshift has outlined how the two together can now allow for a comprehensive experience, highlighting the capabilities users will have via their joint service. These include the possibility for hardware secured assets allowing you to keep your private keys entirely offline, the ability to manage your portfolio more efficiently and access to real-time market data from CoinCap. All of which will be added to the already comprehensive exchange services that Shapeshift already offer.

As such, it is one more step in the right direction for users looking for trading and storage possibilities.