Kraken Announce New and Improved WebSockets Public API

Kraken Announce New and Improved WebSockets Public API

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Exchange platform Kraken have announced that a new version of their WebSockets Public API will launch on Thursday 30th May.

They have previously released the first version of this software that allows for faster and easier access to Kraken’s market data. A product that has proved to be very successful already. As such, these latest plans will seek to build on that success and offer users an even more streamlined experience.

There have been three new enhancements to the original model. All of which have been implemented with the goal in mind to allow users to manage payloads easier.

What’s New?

The first enhancement has seen the addition of two new string-type parameters which are both fairly self-explanatory. The first, “channelName” can be used to designate the channel name, while the second, “Pair” will designate the asset pair.

Both of these will be added to messages ticker, ohlc, spread, trade, and book parameters. These parameters will be added to toward the end of a payload and will make identifying a payload while streaming multiple pairs and channels easier.

The second enhancement sees the new option of being able to add two new float-type parameters, “bidVolume” and “askVolume” to a spread message payload. These too can be added at the end of a payload.

While the third enhancement sees the addition of a ticker message that provides you with an initial snapshot upon subscription of the last ticker.

When Can I Use It?

The use of their Websockets API is not exclusive to their platform alone. If you use any of their other products such as Kraken Futures or their CryptoWatch, then the API system will be available on these too.

While the official launch is set for tomorrow (May 30th 2019), users using the Beta environment can already use it.  The rest of the users have been advised to get try out their new system and benefit from the changes as soon as possible.

If you aren’t already trading on Kraken, then you can sign up here and begin enjoying all their benefits, including this latest one.  

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