DX Exchange: Combining Crypto and Stocks in One Place

DX Exchange: Combining Crypto and Stocks in One Place

DX Exchange is the latest sensation in the crypto world with its innovative service that makes buying and selling cryptocurrencies easier than ever before.

The Estonian-based service is fully regulated by the Financial Intelligence Unit and the European Union and operates via Nasdaq’s matching engine and market surveillance technology. As such, it has some serious credentials behind it that you can trust absolutely.

DX Exchange’s core aim is to combat long-standing problems in the trading industry and revolutionise the way you trade crypto online by providing an innovative service that simplifies the whole online trading process. However, more than this, it allows you to take virtual trading one step further.

How Does DX Exchange Work?

DX Exchange aims to streamline the service by offering a one-stop eco-system. This ecosystem will allow you to buy, trade or exchange traditional fiat currencies, alongside cryptocurrencies keeping all your trading needs with one easy-to-use service. This allows you to not need transfer your fiat in order to enter the crypto trading world, but also does so directly. Thus, you cut out the middleman, where everything can be sorted in one place.

However, DX Exchange is more than just your traditional exchange platform, as it also allows you to delve into the stock market. In addition to buying fractions of crypto on their platform, DX Exchange also allows you to buy shares of big-name companies. Its also provides something to customers that other exchanges do not, a feature the crypto community has spoken about for a long time: tokenizing assets.

DX Exchange has some of the biggest names in the business world on their platform, such as Google and Amazon, and you can buy very small shares of these companies, breaking down long-standing barriers between would-be traders and the shares they only dreamt of owning. This makes entering the big-name stock game cheaper and more accessible than you ever thought possible.

Why Should I Join?

Thanks to DX Exchange’s platform being built with Nasdaq software, it not only makes buying and selling easier than ever, but also more secure and with more power than before. Even when logging on during a high-trading period, customers can enjoy a seamless service without compromising the level of security.

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Thus, when you really need to buy or sell something in a pinch, DX Exchange makes sure that this can be done with the optimal ease, so finding yourself frustrated at your local exchange platform is a thing of the past. DX Exchange is also powered by over 70 R&D engineers, who specialise in UI and financial technology. As such, as well as having awesome tried and tested software, the man-power behind this exchange is in abundance.

With the ability to store and manage both fiat and cryptocurrencies on their platform, you may already be aware of the versatility they provide the user. However, it goes further than this, offering a large amount of freedom since you can use their service at leisure. This owes to the size of their trade volumes, allowing members to trade up to a whopping $50,000 USD per month, which should be more than enough for most users.

Naturally, all their features is commodified for mobile use, meaning you can make use of this exchange whether you’re in your office or on the go, commuting to work!

How Can I Join?

Joining is super easy and works by monthly membership deal. To set up an account it is super easy and will cost you just $20 per month, or alternatively $10 worth of DX’s native currency, DXCash, so it is very cheap considering the benefits it offers the user. Plus, up until the end of March, all transactions are absolutely free.

Click here to join now and revolutionise your online trading.

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