CoinsPaid: A Rising Star in Payment Solutions for iGaming

CoinsPaid: A Rising Star in Payment Solutions for iGaming

The rise in cryptocurrencies has opened up new opportunities in other spheres as well. Case in Point: iGaming; service providers are rushing to meet the growing demands of cryptocurrency enabled online gaming platforms. One particular provider that has gained significant recognition in this space is CoinsPaid.

Developed as a tool for providing an option of cryptocurrency payments to reputed casinos like SoftSwiss, it has had quite a successful run in the past five years.

The billion-dollar iGaming industry has taken a unique shift in its nature of activities. With growing internet services, online iGaming has gained a whirlwind of attention. Now, with cryptocurrencies in the picture, this industry has undergone a complete makeover. 

The Growing Popularity of Crypto in iGaming 

Owing to technological innovation and internet support, the last few years have seen the industry flourish to huge proportions. A sector now catering to gamers of varying demographics, has turned into a multi-billion dollar business. However, even with the increase in interest, the underlying concerns of online gaming have always prevailed. Some of them include verifying identities, money laundering, game cheating and chargebacks. 

However, cryptocurrencies are now driving a new shift in the processes of the iGaming industry. The potential of cryptocurrency in this sector is now being realized. A recent report reveals that cryptocurrencies used in gambling have a market capitalization of more than $100 million. 

It’s common knowledge that cryptocurrencies are backed by blockchain technology. This, in turn can be used to tackle any potential issues such as security and anonymity, further driving value into this industry. Digital currencies enable the provision of instant gambling payouts, simultaneously reducing the possibility of fraud.

More importantly, blockchain has also provided a much fairer way to vet the results in iGaming through a tool known as ‘Provably Fair’. Furthermore, by providing the option of unbounded payments, it has become a favorable choice for the gamers of this industry.

With the increase in users adopting cryptocurrency payments for iGaming, it also becomes imperative to provide distinctive platforms excelling in this area. In this article, we have explored a platform that has gained insurmountable popularity with its services in online casinos and the iGaming sector. Moreover, after creating a trustworthy reputation, it is now planning to extend its services as a cryptocurrency payment processor in diverse spheres. 

CoinsPaid: Its Reign in iGaming

CoinsPaid is the brainchild of a team that developed the world’s first provably fair online casino and the first security audited SaaS for crypto exchange. It has acquired a remarkable track record through its extensive experience in being an internal part of Merkelon, since 2014. Eventually, in 2018, CoinsPaid entered the market as a separate brand of a cryptocurrency payment solution. 

Currently, the CoinsPaid processing mechanism is being used by more than 200 online casinos. Suffice to say, it has come a long way since its inception. 5 years and 200 casinos later, it has excelled in the field of betting and online games. This leading cryptoprocessor offers the alternative of more than 50 cryptocurrencies on its platform, thereby becoming a favorable option to its customer base. 

But what makes CoinsPaid such a plausible and reputable payment solution? Let’s delve deeper.

Negligible Fees

CoinsPaid charges negligible transaction fees on its payment gateway for using its services. This feature makes the cryptoprocessor an ideal choice for merchants who do not want to deal with the high fees levied by banks and central authorities. 

Instant Deposits

By enabling cryptocurrency payments, the medium provides high speed for transactions and deposits. In other words, gamblers don’t have to wait for days to receive their payouts. Moreover, with the scalable infrastructure of CoinsPaid, multiple transactions can be made at the same time, without any glitch.

Round the Clock Support

One of the many factors that have made CoinsPaid a reliable and robust platform for online casinos is its functionality along with providing 24/7 services. The platform offers an open API that ensures smooth functionality in all its operations.

As for the actual users, casinos who have already been associated with CoinsPaid are extremely impressed by its technical and professional services. By offering the best class service throughout the years, it is no wonder why it’s offering its services to hundreds of online casinos.

Easy Integration

The CoinsPaid platform has been met with extreme appreciation from casinos and the players of the gambling industry. The easy API interface along with its simplicity has been a contributing factor for CoinsPaid’s establishment as a leading processor in cryptocurrency payment solutions. 

Building Reputation and Customer Satisfaction

The continuous support has helped CoinsPaid build an unparalleled reputation. Its efforts of keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront have not gone unnoticed. Online casinos, who have partnered with CoinsPaid or are using the platform’s services have been pleasantly surprised by the platform’s support:

“We have been partners with CoinsPaid for a while. We receive reliable technical support and product advancement from the team. The payment gateway has great capacity and handy operation panel. Hope for long and favorable cooperation ahead.”– Srdjan Kapor, Marketing Manager at Bitstarz

It’s fantastic to know that in all these years, CoinsPaid has managed to retain all its clients. This speaks volumes in terms of a CRM perspective.  

Why CoinsPaid?

CoinsPaid has built its name as becoming a reliable and stable crypto payment processor. After gaining experience in this industry for more than 5 years now, the expert team of CoinsPaid has gained unmatched experience.

The continuous support, professional team,  its API interface, easy operations and, of course its solid reputation has made CoinsPaid a true top contender where cryptocurrency payment solutions are concerned. 

What’s more, the platform makes sure to keep things fresh and innovative by making sure to update their system with high-grade services. Case in point, in mid-2019, CoinsPaid partnered with GAP600 in order to facilitate instant transaction confirmation of significant cryptos such as BTC, ETH, and BCH. Another such innovative solution is their expansion of cryptocurrencies accepted, allowing the exchange of over 140 cryptocurrencies.

The online gambling sector is on the move and it is estimated to grow at a fast pace. With lucrative options of cryptocurrencies, players are looking at service providers such as CoinsPaid which cater to all their requirements.

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