Crypto Pump & Dump Groups Guide – Part 2

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Crypto Pump & Dump Groups Guide – Part 2

In the first part of this bipartite guide we delved into the definition of a Pump & Dump Scheme, their context within the cryptocurrency world and repercussions when participating in such practices. This part will focus on different Pump & Dump Groups, their members and tools used and an array of other issues.

Big Pump Signal – Over 50,000 Members on Telegram & Over 200,000 on Discord

Big Pump Signal is the largest operating Pump & Dump Group with over 50,000 members on Telegram and over 200,000 in their Discord channel. The group coordinates cryptocurrencies to pump on the Binance exchange.

The group is free for all, but also has an affiliate programme whereby members who have referred other members receive notification of the cryptocurrency, which is being pumped prior to members who have not referred others.

The group may be slowing down operation as activity has been low approaching the end of 2018. The website is also no longer hosted. It remains to be seen whether Big Pump Signal will remain to be the biggest Pump & Dump group in 2019 and 2020.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to benefit from the price volatility be sure to check out eToro’s market sentiment tools.


Mega Pump Group – 30,000 Members

Mega Pump Group is another large Pump & Dump Group that coordinates pumps on Binance. The group has almost 30,000 members in the Telegram group giving it a significant amount of volume when pumps are orchestrated.

Recent pumps organised by members have organised around 150 Bitcoin worth of volume flooding to mid or lower cap cryptocurrencies. When executed as planned, this often results in the chosen cryptocurrencies recording huge appreciations in a short period of time. Mega Pump Group analyse each attempted pump after it has been executed. They provide an analysis of the returns and any failed pumps are investigated so that the group can perform better in the future.

Big Pump Group – 25,000 Members

Big Pump is another large group that orchestrates Pump & Dumps on Binance. Similar to Big Pump Signal, the group has an affiliate programme whereby those that refer members can avail of getting the information on which cryptocurrency will be pumped three seconds ahead of other members. A message in the group in December of 2018 details that the group are planning on launching a second group to orchestrate pump and dumps on Bittrex exchange.

Crypto Family Pumps – 5,000 Members

Crypto Family Pumps is a smaller group. They have only around 5,000 members in their Telegram group. However, the Pump & Dumps are organized on the New-Zealand based Cryptopia which is an exchange with a lower amount of volume. While Binance is typically ranked first in terms of trading volume, Cryptopia is often ranked outside of the top 100 exchanges by trading volume making it ideal for Pump & Dump schemes.

Hit Pump Signals and Strategies – 5,000 Members

Hit Pump Signals and Strategies also targets Cryptopia Exchange. Similar to Crypto Family Pumps, Hit Pump Signals and Strategies has around 5,000 members. It provides a countdown through their Telegram group and subsequently encourages members to promote and market the cryptocurrency being pumped through the open chatbox on Cryptopia.

This marketing and promotion are to entice other traders to buy into the cryptocurrency and further drive price up so that members in the group can exit profitably.

Crypto Analysis & Market Predictions (CAMP) Group – 3,000 Members

CAMP is another group which organises pumps and dumps on Cryptopia. There will be numerous messages counting down to when the coin to be pumped is going to be announced. These messages also include the time in different regions where the group’s members are based in.

In addition to organising Pumps & Dumps, CAMP group also regularly reports on market conditions. The reports on market conditions include technical analysis as well as identifying areas for buying and selling.

Extra Pump & Dump Tools

Forums such as BitcoinTalk actively discuss the relevant Pump &Dump groups and their performances. An application for Android – PADL – lists the upcoming Pump & Dumps from different groups. PADL provides a rating for each upcoming Pump & Dump based on past success and the amount of volume behind the members in the group.

PADL have their own Telegram also. Those who wish to have the application can download it from the PADL website, as this particular app is not listed in the Google Play Store. Users also have the option to add the upcoming Pump & Dumps to their calendar.

Key Crypto Pump & Dump Considerations

The Pump & Dump Groups in this guide make up a mere fraction of those in operation. The recent research completed on cryptocurrency Pump & Dump and groups identified over 3,700 being advertised on Telegram. While the market remains unregulated, these groups are likely to continue and even expand.

Current conditions mean that these groups can be profitable given that the market is largely comprised of retail traders. A regulated market would be more attractive to institutional investors.

The arrival of institutional investors would likely eradicate any profitability that these groups have. 2018 has proven to offer extremely bearish market conditions which make the successful execution of Pump & Dumps more difficult. A return to bullish conditions will likely be accompanied by an even larger amount of these Pump & Dump groups popping up.

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