You Can Now Buy Cryptocurrency in Africa With Any Debit or Credit Card

Binance, the leading global cryptocurrency exchange, has now made it easier than ever to purchase cryptocurrency in Africa using an debit or credit card.

Binance, the largest online cryptocurrency exchange and global leader, has implemented an easier and more efficient way for users to purchase cryptocurrency in Africa. Now, Binance has simplified the process of purchasing cryptocurrency with a credit or debit card issued in Africa, accepting all Visa and Mastercards for cardholders across the continent. Binance also claims to be the cheapest method for purchasing cryptocurrency with fiat currency using a debit or credit card.

To celebrate their fiat onramp improvements for the continent, Binance is hosting a related giveaway with $2000 BUSD to be won. This campaign will reward $100 of BUSD to 20 lucky participants that purchase cryptocurrency with their debit or credit card within the period. The purchase has to be a minimum of $20 USD or the local equivalent to qualify for the giveaway.